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  1. speedotech

    Unlock code help me

    Yesterday I just finished fitting my new link g4+ , Plugged my laptop in , got the ecu is locked ( as its brand new ) I went to the options , selected correct window , entered my supplied code. Comes up with a error . Says can complete fist action but not second????? Have i been given the wrong code?? or am i entering it wrong . or is there a bigger problem ? when i opened the box it had the wrong ecu ( a MX5 euc in a NGTR box ) which i returned and got another code. This is a JOKE . I shoudve got a haltech. How many times can i try to enter code before it locks me out???
  2. speedotech

    G4 replacement ???

    Hi , I brought a gtr link ecu for my r32 gtr about 11 years ago . It cost a lot back then . A year later my Link G1 ( GTR link ) plug in was obsolete. Now NOBODY wants to tune it ! ( hand controller only R33C chip), everyone says go buy a G4 ( they dont have to pay for). My problem is that as the G4 platform is about 10 years old now. WHEN IS THE LATEST GENERATION RELEASE??? self tunning like the usa ecu,s. NO expenise dyno jockeys