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  1. Thanks for the response. However, I am fully aware of that but what I am asking is if I could use the extra Ignition 1 and 2 in the pinout to run my 2 coils. This means i would have Ignitions on pin 4 and 5 along with 17 and 18 which would make 4 ignition outputs. I am also aware of the other ignition outputs in the Aux but I want know if what I am asking is possible? Thanks Matt
  2. Could anyone tell me why there is ignition 1 and 2 at pin 4 and 5 respectively and again at pin 17 and 18 respectively? Could i wire my other 2 coils to the extra ignition 1 and 2? Thanks, Matt
  3. Hey, haven't got in contact with neither of Adam nor Simon. Simon isn't responding and Adam can't receive messages.... Can someone help me out please?
  4. Alright man thanks... if you guys have the pinouts... please send em to me
  5. Hi, I recently purchased a Link 3-4 for my car however my car carries 4 plugs instead of 3.... now I called u guys and someone said that it can be repinned so rather than shipping all the way back to Austraila from Jamaica Im gonna go through with it.... one thing I want to know though... I see ignition1 and ignition2 twice on the pinout... my ECU is supports the 4 coil system which is a sequential fire and has 4 ignition outputs while the version 3 has 2 but this ECU has 4 ignition outputs that's being used and also two more auxiliary outputs for a total of 6... so could I connect my two coils to that pin and run the sequential fire? Also what are the unused pins for in the ECU... would love if you guys could send me a full pinout of this ECU so I can get it in the car properly.... please and thanks!
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