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  1. Hi Adam, the Car is up and running, I have been driving it around for a couple months working out all the kinks before taking it back to the tuner to get the AVCS setup
  2. I'm having a bit of trouble setting up Subaru dual AVCS with my link g4+ Monsoon, Hopefully its just a bonehead mistake. It will let me set the Digital Inputs as Inlet LH and Inlet right hand, but for some reason, it won't let me set the auxiliary outputs as Inlet LH and Inlet RH, it only has an option for an inlet and exhaust. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated Cheers Thomas VVT Setup Digital Input Setup Aux Output Setup
  3. Fixed. I knew it would be something stupid, swapped it to be on the same 12v ignition relay as the ecu and it works as its meant to. Cheers for the help lads.
  4. Yep, worked on a bump start. I pulled out the cheapo logic analyzer I forgot I had, and logged the canbus data, and the two logs(on accessory with dash displaying, and during startup) and there is no obvious difference in the data-stream that would lead me to think its interference on the signal, so i'm figuring it has something to do with the dash turning off and back on while the car is starting
  5. I used the supplied microtech wiring, cut off their ecu end (4 pin molex) connector and changed it to pins for the link plug. By bumping, do you mean a roll start?
  6. Hi Clint, No change when i wiggle the wires, tried both ends of the connection Yep, its a twisted pair, I used the wiring supplied by Microtech with the dash and terminated it for the link plug No, it runs inside the car well clear of the starter I checked the resistance at 3 points, the Link end, the Dash end, and in the middle all read 55 ohms
  7. If I switch it to extended there is no data displayed at all, the issue only shows it self after the car has been started, if I apply the CAN settings in PCLink while the car is running its fine from that point on no matter how long the car is running. so i don't think its a setting issue with PClink
  8. finally had a chance today to sit down and have another play/diagnosis. When the car is off the dash displays fine and the ecu shows no errors, as soon as I crank and the dash turns back on, the ecu throws these errors and doesn't display any data. I guess the next question to ask is whether or not the communication issue is caused by the starter, or if its something to do with the order the ecu and dash are turning on (Which i doubt is an issue)
  9. Hi Team, Having an issue with setting up the microtech dash with the monsoon. I wired it up to the can H/L as per the instructions in the PCLink help, then connected to the ecu while the car was on accessory, setup it up with 'Transmit Microtech LTC Dash' as per the help, applied, and hit okay, and it displays the information as it should. So I stored to the ecu, and fired the car up and the information stops showing. If I apply the settings again while the car is running its fine until I turn the car off and back on. I've tried changing the CANBUS channel, triple checked the settings and wiring, tried storing to the ecu and disconnecting the laptop and usb cable from the ecu, checked the runtime values and can't see any issues. cheers Thomas
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