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  1. I downloaded Link G4... I downloaded the Vi-PEC VTS software and I'm in business. Do you happen to know what pins the harness takes? I want to wire in a wideband but need to order pins and have not found out what they are yet.
  2. Ok having issues... I have 4.10.2 software downloaded, I can't connect to the ecu and it says to use proper manufactures tuning software to connect to this ecu. Am I not using the right software?
  3. The map that is in it has the fuel table and ignition table set to zero and the crank trigger setup was not for the sled. I wonder if someone was trying to run something else with it. Just the factory base map would be great if someone has something.
  4. What is the latest software I can use with the Polaris Pro ECU? Nevermind I got it figured out. Does anyone have a basemap for a polaris pro 600?
  5. What are my options for controlling 16 Bosch 210 Injectors with the Thunder ECU? Am I stuck with running 2 injectors with injector driver? Is this a common practice? This will be a methanol turbo ls deal.
  6. Ok that makes sense, thank you! I will be using 16 injectors
  7. I was thinking of the injector wiring backwards and maybe I'm still wrong please help... Are all the injectors tied together and supplied with 12+ volts and then individually fired by a signal ground? What would the draw back be of splitting the signal wire off and sending it to both injectors (for each cylinder) and just controlling the main power to the injector. I could have a DI input switch setup so when it is off fuel table 1 is active boost table 1 is active and my gp output for relay that controls gasoline injector relay is on. Then is DI switch is on fuel table 2 and boost table 2 is active along with the gp output for the Methanol injector relay. Maybe this isn't possible, I'm looking to set it up so it is seamless and can switch on the fly. Is this possible or will I have issues?
  8. I looking to do a dual fuel system on a v8 engine with sequential injection. My thought is I would set the injector grounds up through a relay, I would have a switch that would trigger the relay for the set of injectors ground the switch would also toggle between the fuel tables. The plan would be to have methanol and gas, I could street drive on gas go to the track and warm the car up drive to the line, do the burn out and switch the fuel table, injectors, and boost table with the switch and be in race mode. The biggest question is can I kill the injector ground with a relay to switch between injector sets or is there a better way?
  9. I'm sure this isn't the case but to double check.... The pinout is as if you are looking into the ecu or into the back of the connector. I have seen people look at it the wrong way.
  10. Thanks! I somehow ended up with my filtering for the cam sync set at 3, what am I looking for to see what I need for filtering? "Noise" in the trigger scope?
  11. Does the trigger scope look like I have everything set right?
  12. Well it runs!! I'm not sure if everything is right or not but when I lock timing to 30 deg and check it with a light its right!!! I'm not 100% sure what I did today to make it run it seems like I tried everything last night. Anyways I attached the Trigger Scope and PCL file. I ended up setting crank to falling rate and had to set cam sync to Halls/Optical I couldn't get any RPM to show with cam set as a reluctor. Anyways still alot of work left but atleast its going. Thanks Adam for the help! Running.llg It Runs!!!!.pclr
  13. The MSD Cam Sync is a Hall Effect sensor I can only get RPM if I set it to hall effect. If I set it to reluctor I get no rpm. I have had spark today but lost it now. where to I want to set the cam sensor? At TDC or where my typical timing is at? Do I need to give the cam sensor any lead like 10 degree. Firebird Tune (1).pclr Trigger Scope Log Reluctor setp on cam sensor.llg Trigger Scope Log 2019-04-27 10;56;03 am.llg
  14. Update!! I'm getting engine rpm off of the cam sensor. I also switched crank trigger to halls/optical to try but no luck..
  15. I have a Thunder Set up on a BBC with LS coils, Holley 36-1 Crank trigger and MSD cam sensor. I believe I have everything wired right but not getting spark or anything on trigger scope. Am I missing something? If I do ignition test the coils work. I feel like i'm missing something on the setup. Firebird Tune (1).pclr
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