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  1. exileperformance


    Is this something that could be done in a software upgrade down the road?
  2. exileperformance


    Do we have any good way to integrate the AEM VDM with the G4+ Platform? I have a Thunder ECU
  3. exileperformance

    Thunder EGT question

    You will have to get something like the Aem K Type Can Module to run more egt inputs. Why not use the onboard wideband instead of the UEGO
  4. exileperformance

    Track-display logging with G-force sensor

    Has anyone setup the AEM VDM on a g4+ ecu yet?
  5. exileperformance

    Controlling extra injector with thunder ecu

    I may have miss spoke a little, I have not personally tested my setup but engine builder tested the same build with and without a intercooler on methanol and they found it to be better with the intercooler. We ran our setup on gas last year and we are switching to methanol this year. When we go to dyno to dial everything in I want to be setup to try with intercooler and with the extra injector. Maybe extra injector with intercooler. Thanks for the help!
  6. exileperformance

    Controlling extra injector with thunder ecu

    Ok I have a 2 cylinder turbo engine with 2 injectors per cylinder that I am running sequintial stage. The engine is a turbo setup on methanol, we have tested with and without an intercooler. I would like to test with a injector in the charge tube with out a intercooler and see if it will drop intake temps and make equal or more power than intercooler setup.
  7. exileperformance


    I'm messing with a 4l80e, you can make them shift but i'm not sure we have the tables we need to make it shift like factory ecu.
  8. exileperformance

    Automatic Trans Control (4l80e)

    I would like to be able to setup a tps and rpm table to control shifts. is that possible?
  9. exileperformance

    Automatic Trans Control (4l80e)

    I think you could run line pressure based off the map sensor. and I feel like there will be some setup time but I think I can make it shift like stock. the 4l80e has 2 solenoids A and B for first gear A needs power for second all are off, for third B is on and for fourth both a and b are on. The you have the lockup and the line pressure.
  10. exileperformance

    Automatic Trans Control (4l80e)

    Has anyone setup ecu to control automatic shift functions? I have search a little and haven't found much. I would think it would be a matter of getting inputs and outputs setup, if someone has something I can work off of that would be great or I will end up smoking a few transmissions but I will share the results lol. Thanks for any help.
  11. exileperformance

    Trans Brake Control (Bump Box)

  12. exileperformance

    Trans Brake Control (Bump Box)

    Is there any outputs in the link thunder that could control a trans brake like a bump box for staging a turbo car?
  13. exileperformance

    Logging GPS Distance (Replace VBox)

    Is there anyway to log gps distance with the Vipec? I currently run a Vbox sport but if I could log distance with my gps sensor I could eliminate the vbox and it would be less work between rounds.