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  1. I’m after the same info, i’ve also got there universal pedal too
  2. Thanks Adam, think i’ll stick with CAN 2 to keep my OCD at bay
  3. Hi there, please see attached wiring schematic, I’m in the middle of wiring up a canbus loom from a G4+ plugin S13 ecu which i believe has an inbuilt resistor for canbus, then next I have a Link can lambda and then last in the chain a Motec C125, am I correct in that I should use Can 2 output on the G4+ as i’ll be connecting the dash to the motec “ecu” connector which is also labeled as Can 2 and also a spliced in resistor? Cheers
  4. Hey all, so i’m running a plug in link G4+ S13, have 2 Xs looms and 2 canbus adapter looms, internal map sensor hose, tuning cable and 2 e-throttle wires to route, so it’s pretty busy, how’s everyone routing all these cables? through the aluminium side case or out of the steel lid? anyone have pics of a tidy installation?
  5. All sorted , ECU was modified along with a couple of extra Aux outputs, turned around in less than a week. Appeciate the help, customer service is top notch!
  6. Cool, so Will I need to use the External E-Throttle Module once this modification is done? Also these Aux 9 and Aux 10 wires/Pins are these on the Factory Header Plug or the Expansion Loom plugs? I’m a little lost without a visual. Cheers
  7. Perfect, who would be the best person to contact and see this through to a result?
  8. Hi all, Ive had a search and couldnt quite find all the information im after, have an S13 plugin link im using on an SR20DET, its only 12 months old, but is there anyway I can tell if this will work with E-Throttle? I believe some plugins will have an inbuilt option to allow this option using the external E-Throttle module. Cheers
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