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  1. Yes that’s the one !
  2. can someone please confirm the wiring for a two pin hall sensor please ive not come across one before and cant find any reliable info g4x atom on a ford pinto running a webcon trigger kit (multi tooth 36-1) regards
  3. chris.p

    isc valve issues

    Hi ive got a fury wire in fitted and im having issues with the isc valve backfeeding the ecu with power . The car is perfect and functions fine with it unplugged (apart from no idle, i adjusted the throttle open abit). With it plugged on when i key off the car keeps running ! Ive tried the original 3 pin valve and also a vauxhall 2 pin and both give the same results . am i overlooking something silly ? regards chris
  4. ill adjust that lockout good spot , im getting speed off a driven wheel but had to tell it it was non driven so i got the speed via can to the dash2 . i will add a non driven after its fully tuned so i can set a decent 2 step up ill fill you in on this ....
  5. thanks ill attach it E36 m50 non vanos 2800 8.5-1 gtx35 BASE.pclr
  6. hi im wondering if anyone has had similar issues with their idle speed control It doesnt work.... Its a 3 pin bmw e36 valve, using a power probe ive tested the full operation off the car and it opens and shuts perfectly . ive wired it with a common 12v and wired the other two pins to Aux1-2 with the close on 1 set to "sol slave" and the open to Aux2 set to "Sol" as instructed but it doesnt fuction . if i run and output test on aux 1 or 2 the valve does operate Fury g4+ ecu regards chris
  7. chris.p

    Can coms

    Thanks ill give that a try regards
  8. chris.p

    Can coms

    I’ve got full functioning dash2pro via can and have coms to the Link Tuning software but I can’t get them both at the same time its either one or the other ive tried setting the dash to can 2 but made no difference am I overlooking something obvious? Fury g4+ Thanks
  9. I’ve fitted a plug in mr2link v2/3 into a revision 2 mr2 ive unlocked it and checked most of the outputs and all seem fine I’m not getting any trigger readings / rpm signal has anyone had this issue before I try looking harder . Runs fine on its original ecu (89661-17380)
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