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  1. Can you please upload again the table ?
  2. Demetris

    Gear detection

    OK ! i will give it a try tomorrow and come back ! hope will be the solution to my problem ! thanks !
  3. Demetris

    Gear detection

    Yes i have the latest firmware ! Also e-mail to you the file i am testing on the car ! I know that looks stupid that why i ask for help ! bcs as i see also the settings everything looks correct !
  4. Demetris

    Gear detection

    Have some issues with gear display. I have setup my Gear detection all gears voltage as the volt i get on each gear from anvolt5 ( its where i connect the analog potensiometer of gearbox ) My problem now is as the voltages are correct for each gear the ECU it does not display the correct gear. As you can see on the shots, i am on N and the voltages is correct ! but ECU things i am in 1 gear ! Any hits ? dont know what else to check ! And its really irritating as i have to remember all the time what gear i am on : (
  5. Demetris

    CAN dash setup

    Ok, so maybe its too long the cable and i lost data ?bcs as i say some times the dash works normal for 1-2 minutes before i get the error. As i mention above i will speak tonight with plex and see what they will say about it !
  6. Demetris

    CAN dash setup

    this is the file i have on the car. I also contact plex support and they will see my case later on today. And i will come back with their findings. stockcan enable geardetection on.pclr
  7. Demetris

    CAN dash setup

    Do it and looks that its works normally ! Now the problem i am dealing is losing communication with dash I open switch everything looks to work normal for 1-2 minutes and then suddenly no communication and get can-bus error. Anything to do about cables or length of cables ?
  8. Demetris

    CAN dash setup

    So just to remove the cables from plug and give it a try !
  9. Demetris

    CAN dash setup

    Done it ! It works but suddenly i lost communication with ECU. The other thing i am dealing now when i have the DASH connected i cant connect to the ECU.
  10. Did you fgind a solution on this ? have the same problem with communication on G4+ . when my dash is on i cant communicate with ECU
  11. So how did you solve the problem ?
  12. Demetris

    CAN dash setup

    have same problem with plex SDM300 How did you solve the issue ?
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