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  1. Tis annoying because the can lambda is so expensive in comparison. would love it but its double the price. also the fact that it is can how does it get wired in? my other concern is my obd port doesn't work, and im not sure if this is down to dodgy can connections or not....
  2. Hi Guys, I have the Link G4+ ecu specifically for the mini cooper s.... I havent yet fitted my ECU but when i do i would like to install a wideband sensor at the same time so that i can get it tuned. Which one would you recommend (was looking at this https://shopbhp.com/products/bosch-lsu-4-9-wideband-sensor-plug-for-link-ecus-long-90cm or this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3844-Innovate-MTX-L-Air-Fuel-Ratio-Wideband-Gauge-Kit-AFR-w-O-Sensor-LSU-4-9-/232726626839, and what additional looms will I require if any? Secondly, how do i got about wiring the the sensor to the ECU i.e. what wire goes where. really would like to get this setup asap if possible! Thanks for your help, Jon
  3. Hi There, I have just received my link G4+ Plug In (not yet installed), and just have a few questions, basically i dont know what i am doing with it so will be taking it to a dyno when its installed to be mapped but at the same time i would like to learn how to use and do it myself in time whats the best way to do this? Secondly , my car currently has the airbag light on, is there a way i can switch it off without using the obd port? thirdly, can i fit this to the car now and use the base map, until im ready for the dyno? and lastly is there a place you can go to download maps people have used on there car, i.e. could i download a map from someone elses car thats the same as mine, with the same/similar modifications and safely use there map again until i get to the dyno? sorry if these are really noob questions but i wanna learn quick!! Thanks for you help, Jon
  4. Hi mate that sounds perfect. I did actually already emailed you guys but never got a reply. I'm happy to order from you guys though as long as the obd port is no longer required. I'll take one from you printed to take the injectors I have. Do you have any deals on them??
  5. HI Guys, I'm gonna get straight to the point, I have a modified Mini Cooper S 2006 model. Long story short no garages, tuning company's or auto electricians can fix or connect to my standard mini ECU, this means they cannot read fault codes and also and more importantly it cant be dyno tuned or remapped..... My plan is to build a weekend/track car, I have taken the car as far as i can without having the car remapped, however the next stages are high lift cams, high flow head and inlet along with forged internals. What i want to know before i make a purchase is, will i be able to use the usb functionalities instead of the OBD port i.e. read and clear codes, remap the car etc. essentially im hoping that the Link ECU will be fully functional and useable without the OBD port. Secondly will most/all/any tuning companies be able to work with it or does it need to go to a specialist tuner? I have spoken to one company and they have said they can work on the car no problems but because it only has a 'Base mini Map' when its plugged it that i will need to allow upto 10 hours for the to tune it..... which at £75 an hour is a lot.... which leads to to point 3.... the tuning company said that if i can get the ECU setup to run my uprated injectors before they get it this will knock a lot of time off the tuning session so, how hard is this to do yourself, if it is to hard to do a self tune then is there any places i can go on the interet and find someone who has similar modifications to me and download and then upload to the ECU meaning they would only need to fine tune on the dyno to make it unique to my car. If i get the right information with regards to the above then i will be placing an order in the next coupld of weeks. fingers crossed this will finally fix my OBD to ECU issue.... so far I have spent over £2000 with various people and garages trying to get this fixed chopping and changing parts here and there, so I really hope this will be the cure!!! Thanks for your help, -Jonny English-
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