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  1. didnt even realise there was a newer version of the firmware good to know now. turned off the iat trim table but not sure how to turn off the afr target table? i set it up so i could use the "quick tune" function dont think it works without it. regarding the lean area i did notice that actually just trying to get my head around using a lambda value but ill continue to play with the fuel map a little more. wanting to road tune the car a bit better later down the track would you recommend on using the link knock light for knock detection ? thanks for the help
  2. wondering if anyone is keen to sus out my tune and quick log file been playing around with the tune a couple weekends now but want to see what other people think mainly after suggestions or point out any things i may have missed, cheers. specs include single turbo conversion garret gtx gt3582 toyota / denso yaris coil setup cherry sensor triggers 98 fuel 1150 cc bosch injectors can link lambda sensor r33 gtr current.pclr Log 2018-01-13 4;20;45 pm.llg
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