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  1. Ok, for the timing advise (I applied newman camshaft advise), I'll try. and yes, I will go on a dyno, it's now the only way... Thanks
  2. I'm on SP98 (Ron 98) but I also use a BD15 inlet cam with BD8 exhaust, timed at 105°-110° (which increase knock risk) and a GT3071r, so I need to find a good way to hear real knock to correctly adjust ignition. Thanks for all yours answers
  3. Thanks Clint for this answer. I forget to mentionned it, but now I'm near 8.3:1 compression. so the Knocklink won't be usefull on a tuned YB... But does a Knockblock with headphones could hear knock on a noisy Yb?
  4. never happened at anyone? no advise?
  5. Hi everybody, I recently bought an G4 Knockling with a bosch donut knock sensor 0261231110 and an homemade loom (0.35mm² wiring with shield) on my new engine. I have regulary red flashings alert at 3500rpm 0.5bar of boost (not full throttle) and randomly between 4000 at 5000rpm at 1.15bar (low boost) and the same thing on high boost (1.5bar), sometimes no flash. I tried to replace the sensor, first it was on the top near the 4th piston, and after, it was on the down beetween 3rd and 4th piston at the genuine sensor place) but still flashing at theses Rpm. After that, I tried to reduce the ignition timing (see the map before/after) but still the same... I'll try with much less timing again. Does my engine is very noisy (forged, bigger camshaft with crossing, bigger turbo, uprated engine mount...) or is it real knock (I haven't try to ear, I don't have the material and the experience to). Had you ever this problem? my car is a Ford Sierra cosworth 4x4 (4cyl 16v turbo) Thanks for your help
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