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  1. also can I use the ecu pins DI-10/CAN 2 H and DI-9/CAN2 L for my ecumaster EGT to CAN and my microtech ltc digital dash display and use channel 2 and channel 3 for those items in the CAN setup window ?
  2. Thanks there is a link g4+ extreme r32-34 GTR base map And just a link g4+ fury base map can i start with the fury base map even though it’s not GTR specific
  3. Hey fellas i got a brand new fury ecu for my r32 GTR, havent connected it up to the car or laptop yet but is there a base map available for r32 GTR rb26 as a starting point then I can add all my sensors, calibrate them and basically have it all ready for starting (or as close to it as possible) also another question, I’m going to be running a microtech digital display dash, which is connected to CAN, as is my ecu master EGT to CAN module, how does one go about setting these up in the software ? Lastely, my old ecu was a vipec v88 wire in, could i use any of the settings etc from my previous vipec tune which I saved, for my Fury ecu ?
  4. I have afew questions regarding k type egt thermocouple sensors for my manifold: my egt bung on cylinder 3 will need to be welded at around 2 o’clock due to the sensor fouling on the rear housing, the other 5 cylinder egt bungs will be at around 1 o’clock, all will be the same distance from the flange plate.. my question is, can I run a straight type egt sensor in cylinder 3 and then the 90degree egt sensors in the other cylinders ? can the 90degree egt sensors be sightly bent to clear the turbo or will that damage the internal sensor? who makes/where can I purchase quality k type egt sensors (both 90 degree types and straight type ) thanks
  5. This was boomslangs reply regarding the tps signal for the 4wd..
  6. Thanks for that i sent an email to boomslang about this matter now hopefuly it’s included as the looms are pricey
  7. Hi guys while my engine is out getting rebuilt I decided to retire my old vipec v88 and change to the Link g4+ fury ecu i just need abit of help on which connectors/wires etc I will need to purchase to wire everything up This is what I’m getting so far: *boomslang plug and play harness from the fury to r32 GTR engine harness plug *bosch lsu4.9 wideband sensor I want to run a small digital dash aswell and I’m not sure which connectors/wiring il need to make that work? also I’m going to run 6x egt sensors, again what will I need to make this work with the Fury (already have the k type egt sensors) thanks in advance
  8. Sorry just checked the v88 ecu pinout plug B, Pins 8 and 9 are knock sensor 1 and 2 pins do they only need one wire from each knock sensor to the matching pins or need a shield/ground connection also ?
  9. Hello i noticed that my knock sensor harness has been de-pinned entirely from the engine engine harness i want to wire up the rb26 knock sensors to my v88 my question is, where do they go?, which input is needed, or is there a specific pin they need To get wired to? also are the sensors single wire or twin? as on the factory r32 GTR ecu plug the pin out diagram only says pin 23/24 knock sensor 1 and 2 do they require a sensor ground ? thankyou !
  10. Thanks Simon do all v88 with the latest firmware updates and can port support CAN ? If I get these everything should work in harmony ?
  11. Ok thanks I’m going to look into the motec e888 and the racegrade tc8 can module, If one of those was to be used I need to use a K type thermocouple sensor which isn’t an issue would a Link can cable work from vipec v88 to one of the above can modules ? If I recall Vipec can plug is round 6 pin if I was to use 6 analogue inputs to make this work, would that just require each individual egt sensor be wired directly to the ecu analog outputs or through an thermocouple amplifier of some sort (any links to specific units that would work if this is the case) what type of egt sensor would be needed, K-type or the other type ?
  12. Hello all can the Vipec v88 wire in ecu I’m running support 6x egt sensors ? would this be through CAN or aux inputs? can you use the Link EGT module box and 6x egt thermocouples ? im building a new more powerful (and expensive) engine, so I would Realy like to run egts for safety reasons I’m hoping this can be done, and what parts I might need would be great thanks
  13. Much appreciated to save me making a new topic, can the Vipec v88 support 6x egt sensors ? would this be through CAN or aux inputs? can you use the Link EGT module box and 6x egt thermocouples ?
  14. Hello im looking at tidying up my ecu wiring and wondering if anyone sells or can make a Vipec v88 wire in ecu patch harness to plug into the factory r32 Gtr/rb26 harness I already sent NZ efi and email but they said they don’t make ecu patch harnesses any info to help me out would be much appreciated thankyou
  15. Hello all In my electronic throttle table, 0% FP (foot pedal position) at idle says throttle position should be 5.5% but I’ve noticed hot idle with laptop connected its showing 4.5% throttle position not 5.5% like in the table, why is this ?
  16. I found the issue I noticed I had no speed input the ecu, traced speed input wire and found it Was cut all sorted now and working thanks
  17. Hey guys I’ve had launch control working fine all this time and recently if I rev the car over 5500rpm launch control activates i plugged the laptop in and turned it off for now but I want to get ready for drag racing soon so hoping to sort this out any ideas what it could be and where I should start looking car is a Nissan skyline r32 gtr ecu is a Vipec v88 wire in thanks
  18. That all sounds straight forward where does the motor on the throttle get is - and + power from ? Would a relay and a 12v power source be needed ? or 12v and ground from ecu thanks
  19. Hello i currently have a vipec v88 wire in ecu in my r32 Gtr i want to get rid of the Hypertune 90mm cable throttle body and go Bosch electronic throttle - drive by wire is the v88 capable of running electronic throttle control ? also in terms of wiring can anyone help me out on how the ecu and accelerator pedal and throttle get wired up im going to run a Nissan stagea drive by wire accelerator pedal is it 3 wires from ecu to throttle body, then 3 wires from accelerator cable to throttle body ? any help would be much appreciated
  20. Hello is there a way to increase idle afew hundred rpm without touching the throttle body adjustment and idle screw via the v88 software ? i have an rb26 with 2.8 stroker, Hypertune single throttle and big cams etc etc
  21. hi adam, here is my cold start log, thanks cold start log.llg
  22. here is my current tune map will get cold start log hopefuly tomorow... gtrtune655kw.pcl
  23. Sure thing I will get a log and post it up along with my map sometime this week thanks
  24. Hi all ive got an rb26 engine in my r32 Gtr with a Hypertune intake plenum and 90mm throttle body i have been battling very poor cold start issues since day one, it runs the factory AAC valve under the plenum, idle once warm is a nice solid 1100rpm which is perfect with my big 280 cams cold start in the morning will usually be only a few hundred rpm so I need to hold the throttle open until it gets to operating temp then it will maintain idle also another issue is when the AC is on the idle drops very low and wants to stall does anyone have any any tips or info as to what I can do or try to get this sorted or is this the trade off for using a big single throttle body and not the factory 6 throttle setup? any info would be much appreciated thanks
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