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  1. Perfect will look into it cheers
  2. Removed Plug B - pin 2 (injector 7) turn ignition on and off and still back feeding.....
  3. Ok thanks I will de-pin injector 7 from plug B, pin 2 and test again cheers
  4. I turned the car on and off multiple times and it did it once back feeding out of say 8 times I will keep an eye on it I have Digital input - ignition switch OFF and injector 7 - eccs relay - OFF should I disconnect injector 7 wire that goes to engine harness pin 16 completely as I think that’s what u meant in the reply below or just turn them off in the ecu settings
  5. Done and problem sorted thanks again Adam
  6. Ok perfect I will splice into pin16 wire and leave the factory eccs wire as is wired up in the background. thanks !
  7. Been busy sorting out other things but almost 100% done now I will be wiring the new relay this week/weekend in regards to the new relay pin 87 to original ecu pin 16 (eccs relay control) should I splice into it or run a new wire from pin 16 to relay 87 thus bypassing the factory eccs relay completely (or do we still need the factory eccs relay wired up and running aswell as the new relay)
  8. Problem solved ! new “resistor” spark plugs went in ecu logging is off aswell and wideband doesn’t drop out and works perfectly thanks once again !
  9. Just found the ngk racing plugs I need in resistor type will be here in afew days and will report back also ecu logging is off my fingers are crossed
  10. Worth a shot ! just need to find a cross reference for the same plug but in resistor
  11. Just checked and they are non resistor NGK racing plugs NGK R5671A-10
  12. Sorry he wasn’t running his it was just a spare ecu Ok I went to “Logging setup” - “ecu logging” and unticked the “enabled” box i will test car in afew hours and report back Thanks
  13. abit hard to read as I had to upload it small “lambda error 2” according to lambda sensor control error values still showing it’s an “internal control issue and no user actions can be taken to correct”
  14. The o2 sensor is wired directly to ecu and I don’t have any other sensor issues only with onboard wideband controller all the earths from engine wiring harness mount to a bolt at the back of head on the engine, and also my ignition coils (r35 gtr coil kit) earth at the same point, could this be an issue sharing an earth point with ignition ? funny that one ecu drops out at idle and cruise and the other doesn’t but both do at high rpm ?!
  15. Hello got an update on this, I sent logs to link technical and they agreed my link fury showing “lambda error2” needs to go back for repairs. while it was getting repaired, my mate had a link fury ecu I could borrow, loaded my map and afrs still dropped out on boost/high rpm, but it didn’t drop out while cruising or at idle like mine did i got my ecu back on Friday from link and tried it today, still drops out at idle randomly, and at high rpm and shows “lambda error2” again so both ecus are doing the same thing, my friends one though won’t drop afrs at idle or cruising like my original one does before I sent the ecu to link I have tried different power source for the lsu4.9 sensor and 2 different sensors does anyone know what this could be ? im about to forget about it all and run an aftermarket digital wideband controller and be done
  16. Haven’t had a chance to test this yet i will load the tune over the weekend and give it a test, log, and report back thanks!
  17. Old thread bump I need to copy Scott’s additional Eccs relay diagram for r32 gtr he posted Above, Can anyone make it abit clearer for us dummies and label it please with PIN numbers that would be SO greatly appreciated thanks
  18. Hmmm ok thanks that’s correct the Vipec v88 was using a spare ignition drive about half way down, Scott said to do what you recommended and use an additional relay, so we are on the right track ! but I’m finding it hard to read his relay diagram which pins go where (hasn’t included eccs relay PIN numbers and I’m not Very familiar with Reading relays diagrams without them) if you are more familiar with them and could help me out that would be awesome
  19. Not sure honestly I know with my previous Vioec V88 I never had an issue with this now got a custom milspec plug and play harness from r32 gtr to Fury ecu the plug and play wiring harness pin out diagram says: B connector, Pin 2 - injector 7 “ecu relay control” and in my ecu software injector 7 is ecu hold power which connects to factory ecu engine harness plug Pin 16 - eccs relay
  20. Hello i am running a link g4+ fury in my r32 gtr, I have issues where if u turn ignition on and then off, reds on dash stay on as it’s holding power, funny thing is if I start the car and go for a drive and turn it off then back on it won’t do it when it’s hot, only when cold... anyways my ecu hold power is on “injector 7” channel i have read briefly I might need a diode of some sort if anyone can help me what needs to be done exactly would be much appreciated as always !
  21. Thanks mate I should be able to test it next week and I will get a log and report back... does that mean that shifting over 5000rpm anti lag with be activating ? I’m normally completly off the throttle while shifting but this is a good start point let’s see how it goes ! thanks
  22. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WpAMtXJzyxl8O83GT4LQozCdy5aG4FQD/view?usp=sharing
  23. Yep I have DBW throttle on a Hypertune intake manifold
  24. I understand what anti lag is and the benefits, just wondering is this something that can be setup with trial and error without been on the dyno ? current rev limit is 9200rpm but shifting 1st to 2nd for example I get a little bit of turbo lag between gear changes, and I’m not on boost instantly between changes would anti lag be more beneficial or increase the rev limit (it’s built to rev to 10’000rpm - Rb26 stroked to 2.8 full house head, shimless setup Cnc porting etc etc) any input would be much appreciated thanks !
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