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  1. Thanks alot for your reply Adam! Will use the suppressor since I already have it, and check check the resistance for the vct solenoids. I am running a innovate sgc 1 wb/boost controller. Will it be beneficial to run a seperate small band sensor aswell for fuel economy? Some v8 manufacturers featers a 8 to 4 sylinder cut for reduced fuel consumtion. I guess my link ecu can do the same using a switch or based on trottle opening? Has anyone tested this on a aftermarket ecu before? Is worth the hassle?
  2. Hi, Purchased a G3 plus almost 10 years ago through EF Motor in Norway. A coulpe years ago the dealer offered me a software uprade to the new G4. From what I understand will be upgraded once I,m online with it. The ecu will be used for a Vh41de turbo engine. I have a 47 pin bulkhead connector for the main engine harness. (Deutch solder in) Will it be ok to wire the shielded knock and trigger inputs trough this connector and connect the shields together trough a seperate pin? The knock and cas leads will be as far away from 12v powered wiring as possible, and I am using toyota cops with built in igniter. I am running a seperate relay with diode to power the coils only. Will it still be necessary to run the 2-3uf suppressor with this setup? The engine have two vct solenoids (2x intake cam) Would you recommend to use two seperate outputs to trig these, or run both solenoids with one output? I have printed out link vh41de cas wiring though your site. Should my application with g4 software upgrade be wired for G3 ecu,s? I guess cas supply is 12volt switched? Any response to my questions would be greatly appreciated! Regards Helge Holmen
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