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  1. My ca with a link plugin would occasionally pop but not fire, the ecu plug was a bit dicky. Could be worth checking also can you do ign and inj test on the monsoon so you know all are firing!
  2. Pointz

    Ca18det map file check.

    Any other input? Anything that should of been setup that hasn't?
  3. Pointz

    Ca18det map file check.

    It's meant to be a finished tune
  4. Pointz

    Ca18det map file check.

    It's a 300z link with changed i/o to suit the ca18det as per my previous thread. Yes it has been tuned but only using open loop boost control, I am going back this week to have closed loop setup on the road. Want to make sure their are no other areas that need attention at the same time! Thank you
  5. Would anyone be able to take a look over my map file to make sure all seems in order please? Also is it possible to make flames on lift off around 3.5k revs? Thanks in advance Skuzzle.pclr
  6. My aem only has Red -12v Black - chassis ground White - 0-5v output Blue - serial output
  7. Perfect thank you! Can the sensor ground be shared? On my expansion loom the sensor ground is currently used for iat sensor can I splice into the same wire?
  8. Sorry to bring up an old thread but I am trying to get my aem wideband to show afr in pclink, I have set it up as above in Simon's post and all it shows is 0.684 as a value on digital gauge display! I have connected the white wire from aem to blue wire of my expansion loom (an volt2) as lambda 1 is this correct?
  9. Pointz

    Knock detection

    How accurately/Well does the ca18det knock sensor detect knock via link g4+? I do have a phormula ks3 that I was going to hook up but ideally wanted to use the oem position but this won't work and there are no other suitable locations on the block.
  10. Awesome!!! changed it to 7ms and it now runs sweet, idle was around 400-500rpm so raised this via the iacv or can i raise it in pclink? idle afr is around 15.5 on afr although i will connect the wideband to the ecu today so i can log it. went up the road gently and have made a log if anyone gets a chance to check it for any issues id be most grateful Log 4.llg
  11. What about master fuel trim? Leave this at 0%
  12. I honestly have no idea how to calculate this! At the moment I have master fuel set at 10ms And master fuel trim set at 0%
  13. I have an aem wideband bit haven't set it up in pc link yet. The pulse width is copied from the Id table?
  14. Its running albeit with a bad misfire and wont idle but here is a log! Log 3.llg
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