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  1. Thank you! I done that but no start i have attached a log of cranking here is there anything (Or many things) wrong here. I have fitted a 300zx plugin in my ca18det s13 and uploaded the s13/s14 base map and changed the outputs in pclink to suit. Its getting fuel because it stinks of it and occasionally pops but not firing. Log 2019-08-21 9;51;40 pm.llg
  2. I have the info from injector dynamics for deadtimes do I have to enter these individually into pc link injector deadtime?
  3. I managed to change iacv/isc and fuel pump pin in pc link Re the injectors I had already fed it via a relay when I posted! Will it be ok?
  4. I have checked the iacv and only had switched live. The injectors did however have a permanent 12v so I have now ran this via a relay along with the Mac boost solenoid as the ca s13 never came from factory with an oem boost solenoid. Hopefully get it started tonight if I can sort iacv pin being different. Hopefully I can switch this in pc link?
  5. Looks as though I can take a switched live from the plug for the old inhibitor switch.
  6. You are right looking at the Ca18det wiring diagram the iacv is fed 12v directly from a 10a fuse. Can this be rectified with a diode to stop it backfeeding to the link? The ac related pins I don't believe matter as I won't be running ac and not running electric fans. Or alternatively could I run pin 6 to an electric fan ?
  7. That's not the question I asked. The z32 n300 is also 76pin, I can get hold of a z32 link brand new for a very good price so want to know will it work with ca18det
  8. Any reason why this wouldn't work? Both 76pin Looking over the ecu pinout for the vg30dett, ca18det and link ecu only differences are iacv pin and fuel pump pin are in different positions. Will the link fit the ca18 ecu housing?
  9. Thank you. Just need to know what size fuse the link requires and coilpacks
  10. Cheers Brad, safe enough for a 1st start on new build engine? Guess the wideband should help with self learn.
  11. New to standalone ecu's so bare with me please. It is going to a tuner for a full map but would in an ideal world like to at least start it so i can check everything before wasting the mapper's time trailoring it there and it not run! Car is an s13 with ca18det, forged engine (Just built) using a Link g4+ atom 2 wire-in. 1000cc id injectors Holset turbo oem cas oem TPS MAP & IAT sensor Will also be hooked up to my innovate wideband. Would it be safe to get a base on the ecu just for startup? What size fuses are required also for- ECU, Fuel pump, coils.
  12. Sweet will look into getting one cheers
  13. Thank you clint, so my dtawing is correct and trig 1 & 2 are for crank angle sensor? Also just seen the thread re connecting in an innovate wideband so will do that also! Excuse the noobness but where / how do i get pclink? I am currently on my android can it be viewed on android?
  14. Hi please bare with me if this has already been covered! New member here. So i am wiring a link g4 atom 2 into my s13 with ca18det engine and just have a couple of queries. Can someone confirm i have got this correct please? Do i need to run the ecu power via a relay from switched live? (Ign switch) Do i also need a relay on the 12v supply to my coilpacks? Any help is much appreciated.
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