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  1. So the headlight message definitely works, and scouring the Internet, I found this one...any idea how would I set this up for the blinker?
  2. So, my next hurdle, is setting up the turn signals, headlight/high beam indicator, ETC. Problem is, all these indicator lights are controlled by factory CAN bus, not analog control. I contacted AIM and they said it can be read through the CAN2 Stream but I would have to make a custom stream through the CAN driver builder. Does LINK keep a database of the CAN protocol for each vehicle they make Plug in ECU's for? I'm using the Mini Link G4+ unit.
  3. I'm setting up the alarms on my MXS and was wondering if anyone has been able to get the dash to display ECU fault codes? Below is a picture of how I have it setup currently, but I'm not sure if it's the correct way to do it.
  4. Is it possible to get a copy of the alarm file for the Link configured units to import over to the MXS?
  5. I just picked up a used MXS Strada but it's not the 1.2 version. Is the setup still the same process or are there some differences between the 2 versions? I'll be using it with the Mini Link G4+.
  6. And make sure to ground the controller at the same grounding point as the ECU.
  7. From reading the help files, lowering your lockout RPM should help as well.
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