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  1. Is there another location for the video linked above? its no longer available through the current link.
  2. I have an R53 Mini Cooper with the MiniLink PnP ECU and I'm looking to set up traction control. How do I set up the inputs for the non driven wheel speed since the wheel speed input is through CAN bus from the BCM (Body Control Module)? Is it already assigned and I just cant see it or is there another step I need to take? The G4+ MiniLink ECU receives the following information over the vehicles CAN (Controller Area Network). CAN Channel Function CAN Freq/Spd 1 LH Front wheel speed CAN Freq/Spd 2 RH Front wheel speed CAN Freq/Spd 3 LH Rear wheel speed CAN Freq/Spd 4 RH Rear wheel speed CAN DI 1 Bonnet open CAN DI 2 Handbrake on CAN DI 3 Seatbelt on CAN DI 4 DSC switch CAN DI 5 Headlights on CAN Volt 1 Steering wheel position CAN Volt 2 Steering rate Not displayed in PCLink Aircon request flag
  3. The upgrade supercharger kit from Harrop comes with an electric water pump. It keeps the pump running for a couple minutes after the ignition is turned off. Someone happened to notice that this doesn't work anymore after switching from the stock ECU to the Link G4+. The switched power for the pump is actually pulled from the cooling fan circuit.
  4. Any ideas on what the main relay could be controlled by? The kill switch would work but not really practical on a daily driver type vehicle.
  5. I have an R53 Mini Cooper with the MiniLink PnP ECU. I have recently been made aware that the ECU does not hold power like the stock ECU. This was helpful during the summer because it allowed the engine cooling fan to stay running for a while when the engine was shut off if the ECT was too high. How would I go about getting that working again? I assume since it was a factory feature, it's just a matter of setting up the correct inputs and turning on the Hold power function.
  6. So the headlight message definitely works, and scouring the Internet, I found this one...any idea how would I set this up for the blinker?
  7. So, my next hurdle, is setting up the turn signals, headlight/high beam indicator, ETC. Problem is, all these indicator lights are controlled by factory CAN bus, not analog control. I contacted AIM and they said it can be read through the CAN2 Stream but I would have to make a custom stream through the CAN driver builder. Does LINK keep a database of the CAN protocol for each vehicle they make Plug in ECU's for? I'm using the Mini Link G4+ unit.
  8. I'm setting up the alarms on my MXS and was wondering if anyone has been able to get the dash to display ECU fault codes? Below is a picture of how I have it setup currently, but I'm not sure if it's the correct way to do it.
  9. Is it possible to get a copy of the alarm file for the Link configured units to import over to the MXS?
  10. I just picked up a used MXS Strada but it's not the 1.2 version. Is the setup still the same process or are there some differences between the 2 versions? I'll be using it with the Mini Link G4+.
  11. And make sure to ground the controller at the same grounding point as the ECU.
  12. From reading the help files, lowering your lockout RPM should help as well.
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