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  1. After install the G4+ happen to have crazy power drain. I did suspect it could be same issue as BNR34 which u need to redirect AC relay to IGN power. Proof that draw 2.81A.... shit. Quick fix with new feed now. This need to remark into the wiring so someone will alert that
  2. Just wonder if there is any calibration table for this ITA. They fit rb26 stock fitting directly. Fm trying what already in g4, hella sensor seem matched up. Any input would be great This is the one
  3. Purpleline

    mixture map filter

    I found using the mixture map corrections as a quick rough touchup. Then compare the log file calculate cell % will give u very quick and nicely match target AFR. Always use LAMBDA as log instead of AFR u even dont need a calculator. E.g. target is 1.00 and u get 1.05 at cell..it is 5% leaner which just X 1.05 u done.
  4. Purpleline

    rb25 no spark

    Sorry to bring out this old thread. This is the dwell time fm Haltech(i think). Shouldnt r34 gtr neo rb25 dwell increae that much. Im asking bcoz the one i tune seems to have problem at silghtly higher boost. Current dwell in base mao is fine at 0.8. But not stable miss any over 1.0bar. All new splitfire coils, loom, sparkes. Tks
  5. Just wonder if the T1JZ offered in Japan will be avalible for order? we have dealer here in HK but I want to confirm he can get it fm LINK.
  6. Im using g4+ pnp. Hoping that the can AFR lamda 1/2 will work soon. The main reason to use tablet is the AFR since the LINK can lamda has no gauge to integrate with reading like a AEM X serial. And actually that really make me pick AEM rather then Link Can Lamda even I did purchased one fm Link.
  7. I have 2000 to 5000rpm -5%. Looks like it does make some different. Spike still there as expected but much short
  8. Great points. Thank you for your input. 0 delay may happen problem during shifting but would see which way make the different and what will work or none.
  9. I know it might be a strange question. In my point of view, if there is a function that i could optimize and not going to hurt or even it will be a good thing in long runs. Why not use it. Even a little of saving and ECO, it is good. And i really want it act as stock designed possible on this. We here on and off all the time bcoz of traffic. This might be a noticeable different amd i can avoid any possible of exhaust poping and less carbon build up in the cat. Tks mate. Will give it a try and see if it will make diff on the spike
  10. Yes, i have both u addressed set like 0.6 delay and the fuel area at a lower numbers. The zero throttle situation can hit any large fuel no bcoz there is need for overrun delay. So the gap is always there. Thats why im curious if i can crossover a 4D table which is TP load to correct MAP based cant do.
  11. Wonder if i can use a 4D table to reduce fuel during 0% throttle. Im asking this bcoz everytime i left my foot off, AFR will jump to something around 12 before the overrun fuel cut kicks in. As i recall, the stock ecu will lean out right away i left off.
  12. Thank you Adam, They are asking me "What baudrate does the ECU use and Also is it little endian or big endian?" Sorry but i have no idea what these are but they are willing to try go that adapeter to work with link for long run
  13. Im working with Zada tech to see if their adapter can work with g4+ so i can output composite AV to MFD or 2din screen. Im no expert about Can stuffs. They ask me to provide datasheet so they can work fm there and get it work. Im wondering if the infrmation in help>Generic Dash are good enough for them or there is any source i can provide them amd start fm there? They are willing to develop one to fit. Tks http://zada-tech.com/products/multi-gauges/full-colour-av-graphical-multi-gauge-for-double-din-2-din-headunits
  14. Tks Mate. All set today. Not as difficult as i thought. Great help here
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