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  1. Im using g4+ pnp. Hoping that the can AFR lamda 1/2 will work soon. The main reason to use tablet is the AFR since the LINK can lamda has no gauge to integrate with reading like a AEM X serial. And actually that really make me pick AEM rather then Link Can Lamda even I did purchased one fm Link.
  2. I have 2000 to 5000rpm -5%. Looks like it does make some different. Spike still there as expected but much short
  3. Great points. Thank you for your input. 0 delay may happen problem during shifting but would see which way make the different and what will work or none.
  4. I know it might be a strange question. In my point of view, if there is a function that i could optimize and not going to hurt or even it will be a good thing in long runs. Why not use it. Even a little of saving and ECO, it is good. And i really want it act as stock designed possible on this. We here on and off all the time bcoz of traffic. This might be a noticeable different amd i can avoid any possible of exhaust poping and less carbon build up in the cat. Tks mate. Will give it a try and see if it will make diff on the spike
  5. Yes, i have both u addressed set like 0.6 delay and the fuel area at a lower numbers. The zero throttle situation can hit any large fuel no bcoz there is need for overrun delay. So the gap is always there. Thats why im curious if i can crossover a 4D table which is TP load to correct MAP based cant do.
  6. Wonder if i can use a 4D table to reduce fuel during 0% throttle. Im asking this bcoz everytime i left my foot off, AFR will jump to something around 12 before the overrun fuel cut kicks in. As i recall, the stock ecu will lean out right away i left off.
  7. Thank you Adam, They are asking me "What baudrate does the ECU use and Also is it little endian or big endian?" Sorry but i have no idea what these are but they are willing to try go that adapeter to work with link for long run
  8. Im working with Zada tech to see if their adapter can work with g4+ so i can output composite AV to MFD or 2din screen. Im no expert about Can stuffs. They ask me to provide datasheet so they can work fm there and get it work. Im wondering if the infrmation in help>Generic Dash are good enough for them or there is any source i can provide them amd start fm there? They are willing to develop one to fit. Tks http://zada-tech.com/products/multi-gauges/full-colour-av-graphical-multi-gauge-for-double-din-2-din-headunits
  9. Tks Mate. All set today. Not as difficult as i thought. Great help here
  10. Hi Adam, I have another question. Since i could only Use Aux 1 to 4. But fm 1 to 8 are all occupied except AUX5 which no pin# shown in manual. Is there any hidden aux output there i can use? I will need to move out both AC in and out to have room for aux 3 and Di4 for the vcam. Thus, they both need to assign to another aux/Di. Di4 seems to be ok to di9 fm expansion 2 Expansion 2 aux11 for the AC out???
  11. Yeap.. i was wonder there will be more information for HOW too. As above mentioned AUX and DI for the solenoid and cam angle sensor. There are also things about set for duty, target map. The tunner who will work with me would know how. Im just install everything and learn fm him for how the other step to get this done.
  12. Would like to bring this up again as im working on 1 with the VCam 1 installed. Dyno tunning will be get done by a Pro but i would like to get all basic setup done. Just wondering the Vcam. Should be mechanically restricted which i should no where happen to blend anything fm starting up the engine. Isnt it? Im not going to touch the duty but just need the engine started and config those minor things. Tks
  13. Yes, the other er34 with g4 i installed can make it 1 crank start most of the time. Thats why im curios it is the crank enrichment setting
  14. Yes, stock chipped rom ecu fm. BLITZ. However, it does made it 1 crank with er34 gtt neo. Thats why im scratcheing my head off
  15. Hi all, Being around with the g4+ and all working great. More i work on it, found it be the most powerful ecu. Already addup ordered 10+ units for all my friends here. All functions are pretty well known and worked out trick for setup except the crank enrichments. I have taking HP academy go go thru that detail setting but somehow still couldnt achieve 1 crank start for cold or hot engine. Sometime it could take maybe 2secs for engine to startup. It use to be start just 1crank with the old ecu. Tested thousand time but stillno luck. Has been follow the baee map number start all over few time still the same. As per HP academy, warmup enrichment is good at around 14afr. In general,.should crank enrichment richer to be easier start up? Im totally off...
  16. Yup i have seen this before but u still need to drill hole.
  17. Im working on this adapter to fit wideband without welding whuch is a very good solution to fit your wideband. Idealy, just sit right before the cat. 80mm diameter. Easy install so no headache fm removing the downpipe which always pain in the a___ . Wonder how many of u will be interested. Im asking a cnc factory to make a batch. Let me know if this is not allowered. And pls delete the thread if thats the case. I will have this on my page in facebook. Www.facebbook.com/r34mfd Tks
  18. I was wondering a list with basic spec for the sample. It will be closer to start with. The gts-gtr base map provided just way off too much to use for a rb25. The one for er34 gtt is closer. Hoping that a seperated rb25det base map there will be great.
  19. Im wondering why not build a base map download page so ppls can share their mapping? This will help alot rather than playing around aged base map in the package..... ecr33v5.3 2nd street tune coldstart.pclr
  20. Ok..problem fixed with master fuel trim % and those pre crank number adjuested. Fire up just 1 cranke. Nice
  21. Hi Adam, Herewith my latest file. Possible help me a quick review if i missed anything, tks
  22. Fm. 1400 to 5800rpm Most are working good now except the hard start. Im wondering if thats something to do with the fuel master ms. No matter how i adjust those cold start,.warm.up.acc opening duty.. it doesnt make much improvement at all. I have stock injector 370cc. Fuel Master is now set to 9ms. The er34 gtt base mao has 11 which i tried b4 and it run very rich so i step back to 9. The orignal base map is 7ms which is way off as thats for a rb26 with 444cc. Any idea which i should relooking at? Possible put back 11ms? And them mass lowering fuel table will fix??
  23. Yes, there is another topic about this and i have worked that out fairly easy. Fm. 1400 to 5800rpm
  24. Great information, work out mine with this
  25. Tks Adam. Thats what the dealer here said too. It could be a thing that mean my turbo flow quick. Or too much retard on base map. Im now setting the MAP limit as suggested by the dealer here t0 220kpa so i wont blow my engine for 1 st run. I only started the car but not driving it on road yet. Still need to activate other function like the knock etc. Tks..you guys are helpful Now looking around the NVSC setting. Found other post about a GP output but not select fm here
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