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  1. I have found this as a reference for a M50 wiring guide to make a Megasquirt 3 PnP which seems to work. Or I can order the same Mosfet used in the plugin so I can put all the electronics components I need into one order and solder everything to the header.
  2. Can a 2n2222a transistor be used for the relay? Base to Pin 56, emitter to ground, and collector to pin 27?
  3. So I would be making a jumper wire from Pin 54 on the ECU connector to Pin 27 or do I leave them alone as I also use the M50 PnP pinout as reference with no mention for those equivalent pins. Pin 54 is the +14V activated by the ignition switch for both. Can I auto tune on narrow band sensors or I need a wideband and controller to use it?
  4. Hi I was wondering if anyone can help me out and see if my wiring pin out is correct. I have attached my wiring chart I made to make my own PnP to the factory engine harness along with the factory ECU pinout and their functions. I have a red box G4 Extreme with CAN port. I have a BMW M3 with S50B32 but I will be adding an ethanol content sensor for now as I would like to tune the car to run E85 on 600CC injectors while I put together parts for a turbo build as I will be adding a boost controller and probably an anti lag switch. Am I fine running the factory dual narrow band sensors or should I get an Innovate LC-2 and place it on the 3-6 cylinder bank exhaust manifold or would I want to run dual lambda controllers over CAN? Link Wiring .xlsx MSS50.pdf
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