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  1. Nurzh_rt

    AFR problem at idle

    When its rich its really rich, with black smoke from exhaust Injectors is Delphi 42lb 01d030b high impedance still not checked FP i will check leak test later
  2. Nurzh_rt

    AFR problem at idle

    4.9 on board and addition external aem x-series
  3. Nurzh_rt

    AFR problem at idle

    Hello we have some problem with AFR at idle, above 1-2 hour lambda reads AFR 10-11 at idle and its really rich (tested with external wideband) But if we turn off engine for 30min, than AFR is ok, but only for 1 hour ECT, IAT, charge temp, ecu temp, Bat volt, Inj PW actual and effective all same may be its fuel temp but usually must be lean idle lean after 30 min Log 2018-07-10 8;34;51 pm.llg Idle rich AFR Log 2018-07-10 7;00;47 pm.llg
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