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  1. I have a Link Fury G4+ ECU and when I connect to the second external serial port while using the tuning port, to communicate to my laptop, I my laptop looses communication. the lower serial port is configured for OBD II. I have searched the help files trying to figure out why I can't use both ports at the same time.
  2. duncan351

    2jZGE VVti

    I have Link Fury and I have done a lot of searches with people experiencing trigger issues with this motor. I have my fury setup sequential injection and fire. When I sync the timing with the computer I end up at 265* using the 1jz vvti trigger default settings however when I turn fuel injection back on to try and start the motor kicks back and acts as if the timing is way to advanced. When I put trigger offset back to 200-205 I don't get the issue and the motor is very difficult to start cold. Once its warm its not. My concern is the trigger offset. Its way off. When engine does start it idles fine. I haven't had any time to take it down the road to start tuning it but this trigger offset situation seems like a very often ask issue with these particular motors. Any suggestions?
  3. Just wanted to come back to confirm I did have both Crank and Cam Pins positioned backwards in the housings when I built the harness. I return my offset to 205 just as your basemap suggests and the engine fired right up. Thanks for your support!
  4. I am experiencing the exact same issue with my 2jzGE VVti engine. Have fuel pressure I choose 1jz vvti and entered all the data for igntion just as listed in the help files but engine isn't starting. Synch'd timing with timing light but had to sync at 260 offset. Turned the motor over then would open throttle completely and still nothing. I added more fuel to the point I was very concerned (VE at 120) still no start the cells in the start area. I have confirmed ignition coils & fuel injectors work and sparking in perfect order with Noid light and spark led tester, Confirmed fuel pressure at 3 bar, Fuel pump is working while starting engine, even used starting fluid to try and start but motor did not respond. I believe I may have some kind trigger issues even though I get no sync errors. The arming voltage on Trigger 1 has been set from .2 to .5 and the 2 trigger .2 . Here are some of the trigger scope files. Its a fire problem it seems but not getting any back fires. Plugs are brand new. I'm Trigger Scope Log Starting# with tirgger 2 arming voltage .2.llg Trigger Scope Log Starting.llg Trigger Scope Log Starting# with tirgger 1 & 2 arming voltage .2.llg
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