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  1. 434josh

    E throttle cl idle control

    I am very interested too as I am about to setup my extreme with dbw and closed loop idle control.
  2. 434josh

    Link Extreme replacing Megasquirt

    Well I did it, the MS3Pro is long gone now and I am currently wiring in my new Extreme. On to the Link NOOB question of the day. There are some distinct terminology differences on the A&B plug wiring schematics vs the Megasquirt so please bear with me. I am running a 36-1 crank wheel with a hall sensor and a camshaft synchronizer with a single tooth VR pickup. The Megasquirt had a dedicated CPK+, CPK-, CMP+. CMP- however on the Link I am only seeing Trigger 1 and Trigger 2. I am assuming the CPK+ and CMP+ would go directly to the trigger inputs and based on the help file both the shield and the two -'s would go to sensor ground --- but there isn't anything labeled sensor ground. Only ground, ground out and shield/ground. Am i right to assume the Shield/Ground is in fact the sensor ground? If so, there is one listed for each plug, so are they totally independent of each other or linked together on the board? What exactly is the ground out and its purpose? Then my last question for the evening is the trigger offset. My missing tooth is 81.5* BTDC which is what the Megasquirt liked and gave the theoretical best rpm range. Will that work with the Link ecu? Should i simply replicate that trigger offset in the set base timing page? Thanks for all of your help.
  3. 434josh

    Megasquirt to Link questions.

    Guys I really appreciate the help. The Megasquirt is now gone. New owner picked it up earlier today. Now I have to decide on a Thunder or Extreme. With the extreme I will use all 10 outputs. 4 for IAC, 2 for my meth injecton setup, 2 for staged fuel pumps, one for fan and last one for my Mac 4 port boost valve. I would have no outputs left for any future expansion which worries me but I don't know what else I would expand to right now other than maybe a bump box. I could also eliminate one of the meth outputs by running a switch to activate the pump and a digital input activating the fast valve and that would give me one unused output. Is it an issue to use all of the outputs? I wouldn't think so but have to ask. The extra outs and direct lambda/egt control would be awesome but I am not sure if it's $500+ awesome plus 4 harnesses vs 2. Last question - I would like to make my own harnesses and I have found what I believe to be the right plugs but is there any info about terminal spacing or other data? I live right down the road from Mosuer and they have them in stock.
  4. 434josh

    Megasquirt to Link questions.

    Well I feel dumb. That was easy. Awesome.
  5. 434josh

    Megasquirt to Link questions.

    Is there a way in the link software to alter the tables to show map kpa with 100 kps being atmospheric pressure? It's default set to zero = atmospheric.
  6. 434josh

    Megasquirt to Link questions.

    I hope so Keith! Thanks for the good wishes. I have made a basic map/setup in the link software bit there is one thing I haven't figured out if it's possible to do. I run a meth injection setup that's fully controlled by my megasquirt. It turns a pump on at a certain tps (with a relay) and pwm's a fast valve that draws 4.75 amps at 105 kpa. Using a high current out directly. I can't seem to figure out if the link will allow for a switched ve and timing table when the meth valve is being actuated. I am also seeing the outputs are limited to 2a max. Are there any that can handle 5a? I guess I can install a ssr on the fast valve but I was hoping to not need to.
  7. 434josh

    Megasquirt to Link questions.

    Thanks Adamw. The more I play with the PC Link sw the more I like it. One other question- the stepper idle valve outputs- how rugged are they? Are they known to fail often or are there tricks to keeping them alive? Yes there is a story behind this question. My MS3PRO has cooked the iac drivers twice now. Amp efi has fixed it without question but this last time it only lasted for 50 miles. It worked great while it worked. First time it lasted about 300 miles. This makes 3 times it's been back for repairs in 350 miles so you can understand my utter frustration. The stepper IAC valve is just a 4 wire delco gm valve, nothing special. Nothing the ecu should have trouble with.
  8. 434josh

    Megasquirt to Link questions.

    Currently running a Megasquirt MS3PRO and considering ditching it for a Link Thunder. I have downloaded the PC Link software and played around with it..have come to the conclusion that it's definitely going to take some getting used to as compared to Tuner Studio it's a lot more cumbersome but still at the same time seems fairly simple. First question that comes to mind is wiring differences. I am running full sequential 8 cyl with a 36-1 crank wheel/hall sensor and single tooth cam sync/vr. The hall sensor on the crank is wired for 12v power and has a 2.4k pull-up resistor as required by the Megasquirt. Will that wire the same with the Thunder or will I need to remove the pull-up and select pull-up on the trigger in PC Link? I hope I can just cut my harness just inside the firewall and wire into the 400mm A/B Link harness and be basics good to go. Are the ve tables basically the same? I have a near perfect table now, can I basically copy it over to PC Link and expect it to work/be reasonably close? Thanks for any info that can be offered!
  9. 434josh

    Finding the right ECU

    Unfortunately it's a 4 wire, 2 coil stepper. That was one of the big draws for me on the MS3Pro. Dedicated outputs for tach, fan, iac, etc then had tons of high current and pwm outputs still available. Of course there are 2 things I can modify. Transbrake control isn't a must. I can just activate it with a button and have that button also act as an input to the ecu for 2 step activation. Then I can use only one output for the meth fast valve and just put the pump on a switch which also activates the meth control. That frees up 2 outputs and gives the extreme enough to work my stepper valve.
  10. 434josh

    Finding the right ECU

    Thanks Clint. I have downloaded the software since making the post and have played a little. I didn't mention that I also have a stepper IAC valve and I am not seeing any direct control in the software but I may be missing it. The EMU black needed to bridge 2 outs to drive an IAC coil so I am not sure about the Link.
  11. 434josh

    Finding the right ECU

    Hey guys, I am currently running a megasquirt MS3Pro and while I really love its user friendly interface and tons of in/out options I am truly tired of its failures from poor quality control. It has failed 3 times now from mfg defects and as frustrating as wiring in a whole new setup is...I believe its time. Looking at the "which ecu is for me" page on the main website it looks like the G4+ Extreme is what would most closely match what I have currently but I wanted to ask to be sure. My setup is this: Small Block Ford v8. Approx 1000 hp but semi-daily street driven Single Turbo - e85 - non-intercooled Full sequential fuel and spark with 8 individual coils - 2200 cc high imp injectors 36-1 crank wheel (hall sensor) with single tooth cam syncronizer (vr sensor) Sensors used CLT, IAT, MAP, TPS, Knock, Exhaust backpressure, Fuel Pressure 4 port mac boost solenoid controlled by the ecu - pwm duty cycle based on RPM vs Map (1 pwm output) Electric fan (1 std output) Staged fuel pumps. 1 constant, 1 active at 110kpa (2 std outputs) Meth injection ECU controlled - duty cycle based on RPM vs Map and uses 2 outputs. One for pump on/off, one to pwm a fast valve. (1 std and 1 pwm out) Transbrake/2 step ecu controlled (1 std output but later may need pwm for a bump box) Another issue I have with my current ecu is IAT heat soak during short period shutdowns. The only fix in this old setup is to increase afterstart enrichment for a long period of time for 140+ clt temps. My setup is non-intercooled and the intake charge pipe runs between the motor and radiator. While IAT's are reasonable during driving, it soaks to 180-200F during 2-5 min shutdowns - like stopping at a gas station and makes restarts painful. Tuner studio has limited ability to adjust for this so I am wondering about the Link abilities as well. I have looked at other ECU's and the EMU Black almost fits the bill but limited outputs and having to use Aux outs for the 7th and 8th injectors plus the need for wasted spark make me consider elsewhere. I really just want to make sure I am not missing something with the g4+ extreme capabilities. What dedicated outputs does the extreme have not counted in the 10 aux outs? Are there dedicated outs for Fuel pump and Fan? Sorry for the short story. Any advice is greatly appreciated.