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  1. I had a similar issue. The ground triggers from the ecu switch to ground when you key off so all items that are hot key off will see a ground signal. I fixed by adding a 125amp ignition switch triggered relay that powers my guess box. That kills the 12v to every solenoid when I key off.
  2. I have had my Link Extreme running in this 1969 Mustang for over a year now. I finally was able to get on a Dyno and do some real tuning. This thing made an effortless 800whp and 677ft lbs on only 17 psi of boost and a very conservative 19° of timing.
  3. Thanks Adam, I will certainly install the update. You mentioned using a 4d ignition table for variable torque reduction, would that be in conjunction with the gear shift control or something by itself? How would it be tied to the od shift output? As far as the between 40% tp and 85%, no reduction is required and I would just want it to not shift at all. The logic behind this is if I am cruising on the hwy, the tps will be low, definitely below 40%. If I am racing, TPS will be high, above 85%. If I am simply playing around on the highway and doing a fast accel, likely I am not wanting to push past 120 mph anyway so I would want to stay out of overdrive. 3rd gear will do 150 mph and od is capable of over 200. Downshifting from od is also where that window comes into play. If I wish to accellerate past slower traffic and push the tps past 40% I want it to kick out of od and once throttle is pulled back, shift into OD again.
  4. I know the ecu wasn't intended to do this but I am trying to make my Link Extreme control my Overdrive and TCC lockup. I think I have found a way but I am not 100% sure if I am understanding it correctly. My auto trans has a full manual valve body and a ground triggered overdrive and lockup. OD is only possible when the trans is in 3rd gear (od is 4th) and the torque converter can be locked at any time but i only wish to lock it in 3rd and 4th. This question is really just about activating overdrive based on a few conditions AND most importantly pulling power upon the shift. The overdrive band and solenoid can only handle about a 500hp shift and my setup makes closer to 1100 at full power. I need to reduce the hp/tq by about 60% for 300-500ms and them ramp it back in smoothly. Can I do this using the gearshift control feature? I have no way of inputting what gear I am in however I can set some conditions based on speed and tps that will only be possible when I am in 3rd gear anyway. I have attached a tune and if you open gear shift control, Aux 1, virtual Aux 1, and DI1 I think you will see what I am trying to accomplish. I want the ecu to OD shift the trans as I pass 55 mph with a tps of less than 39%. This shift does not need torque management so I locked out gear shift control below 40%. AT over 85%tps - full power- I do need torque management so I will tie the shift signal from Aux 1 into DI1 and the transmission to signal gear shift control to cut power for the 85% - WOT shift at 140 mph. Does this tune care for what I am trying to do? Am I understanding the gear shift control correctly? Is there a better way to accomplish this? Thanks. https://www.dropbox.com/s/t4na4crzf0amq76/Ford 363 turbo overdrive.pclr?dl=0
  5. 434josh

    Boost Control

    So I have my open loop control pretty much sport on but the closed loop isn't quite there. I am unsure what needs to be altered. I have it where it doesn't overshoot but it does hit target and oscillate nearly 20 kpa. Any suggestions? https://www.dropbox.com/s/55qq89yp0esygd7/6.1%20pass.llg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/bui52a6m6188gjy/Ford%20363plus%20ve%20smooth.pclr?dl=0
  6. Thanks Adam. I figured that was possible for a single bump. Any ability to do a creep option? I have a standalone bump box (simple stage) that has a lot of adjustability however when taking it down to a reasonable amount of bump harshness i have to hit the button several times to move just a few inches so i was hoping to be able to get a creep/super fast multiple trigger even if I have to make the Link extreme feed into the simple stage.
  7. Would there be much interest in adding specific functionality of a trans brake bump/creep? I understand there probably isn't nearly the drag racer following here compared to other platforms like Holley or Megasquirt. I figure I could build my own with a SSR and a GP PWM output setting my own parameters but it would be nice to have along with the launch control setup.
  8. Here I was able to compress it and a drop box link if the .rar isn't good. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vlrfkguu36xsjkd/drag run.llg?dl=0 drag run.rar
  9. Thanks. I will shift the retard start point higher. The converter is flashing to 5800 as soon as I release the trans brake so I am not thinking that's the issue.
  10. I searched a bit and didn't see many questions asked about trans brake boost building setups. I have a turbo v8 with a 2 speed powerglide. I am using Launch Control settings as a 2 step which works but I can't seem to get the RPM I desire. I have it setup for 4000 rpm with a control range of 200 hoping to see 3600-3800 on the brake but I am only getting 3200 creeping to 3400 as I hit 6-8 psi of boost. Not sure if I am pulling too much timing too soon, if my overall settings are incorrect or if its a complication because I am using DBW. I did notice one of the logs the TPS was moving a bit but I didn't look at APPS to see if it matched or not. The log never shows launch limit as active. Is launch control the right item to use or should I be using anti-lag for this? I came from a Megasquirt ecu and it had Launch Control as well as a separate 2 step feature for what I am trying to do and it hit the mark right off the bat. Here is the tune. I can't upload the log as its 700kb+. Can I compress it or save a smaller section of it? Ford 363plus ve smooth.pclr
  11. I is the same as the original log/tune file above. I only changed the stage 3 to 10kpa, added some D and lowered target from 220 to 210ish kpa. I was much more active this time so I will try lowering. All in all this was so much better than before and stayed within 1-2 psi of target. This netted my fastest 1/8 mile pass to date and on less boost.
  12. In open loop the boost is solid at 17 psi. Just a lot slower getting up to peak. So i did what Adam suggested and its much much better. Doesn't overshoot like it was but does oscillate from 205-211 kpa throughout a pull and is enough it makes the rpm fluctuate a bit. Ignore the stupid high IAT...forgot to activate my meth injection system. 642 pass.llg
  13. Can someone look over this log file and included map and suggest some PID changes to stop the boost target overshoot? I can see them all working in the log - Integral steps on and starts reducing duty but it plateaus right when target is achieved and doesn't stop the overshoot. Log 2019-03-8 9;37;58 pm.llg Ford 363plus ve smooth.pclr
  14. 434josh

    Engine Protection

    Thanks all. This is perfect. I didn't have a ecu read fuel pressure until this week - just a dash gauge. I run staged dual walbro 450 pumps and had an incident last week where a ground wire was pulled loose and well..one 450 is only good for about 660 whp on e85 as I found out on the dyno. The operator got out of the throttle when lambda reached .906 at 6500 rpm and 13 psi. Its impossible to watch everything all the time so I wanted a built in safety for just this reason. I always know if my main pump is working since the motor won't run otherwise but the staged pump is a crap shoot. I will set it up as a map limit instead of rpm. My base pressure is 300 kps but it idles at 255 because I have decent vacuum and on decel it can get as low as 220kpa so I would be afraid an rpm limit might be harder on the motor but I could be wrong. Thanks again! One more question though.. My "fuel system" was setup as map referenced before today. If I change to FP Sensor will that alter my ve table fueling any? (provided things were setup correctly before)
  15. 434josh

    Engine Protection

    Is there a way to setup a safety around fuel pressure? I would like to have a safety that says if fuel pressure drops during wot acceleration i would experience an ignition cut or reduced boost. Possible?
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