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    AE tuning with DBW

    I get what you are saying now about the APS vs load, so I will certainly abandon that idea and focus on the tps load resolution on the AE tables. As far as tps% it's a GM LS7 throttle body that's around 90mm feeding a 363" v8. Idle advance is 23° btdc. The throttle body is supplying all of the idle airflow and generally the lowest I see is around 14% and when cold around 18% to. The VE table is pretty spot on and uses very little cll correction, usually less than 3% in basically all driving speeds/loads but yes in throttle transitions there are very brief lean spikes and while tuning for this is when I paid closer attention to the clamp and rate tables and noticed my driving tps% was at or beyond the default taper settings. I will just play with sliding the taper over a bit to see if that helps. The AE is doing exactly what the tables are telling them to do so I just need to adjust accordingly.
  2. 434josh

    AE tuning with DBW

    So I was out doing a little AE tuning tonight after watching some of the Evans Performance videos. After I was watching the logs as setup in their video and since I am DBW and it's giving all the idle air, the idle tps is 16-19% and cruising at hwy speeds is 32-36%. The typical AE tables give more fuel enrichment, clamp, etc at lower % and less as tps increases. So I was wondering if I should swap the tps axis for APS to gain that resolution back. Would that be fine to do? Any issues that I am not thinking of?
  3. 434josh

    2step launch control

    FYI I installed the simple stage bump box and all the issues went away.
  4. 434josh

    Launch control enquiry

    Well it's set to Always On with a disarming speed of 35 mph. I would assume it will always be active below 35 mph based on those settings. I would make the TP low be above 0%, like maybe 10%.
  5. 434josh

    2step launch control

    So I have a positive triggered trans brake solenoid and that sake trigger feeds 12v to a digital input to activate launch control. All works as it should except when i let off of the button i occasionally have an instant loss of power like the coils stop firing for a nanosecond. The transbrake has to be used in reverse and occasionally it will stall when released. Would this be current backfeeding? I ran the same setup on my megasquirt ecu without the issue. I am in the process of installing a Simple Stage bump box which will isolate any backfeeding current but i am curious if you see any issues in the attached log. I did alter the retard table after this as I noticed it bouncing from neg to pos between 3200 and 3300. The first was just a stationary 2 step, second i released the button under load. 2step-brake 2018-12-29 3;13;48 pm.llg
  6. 434josh

    Long term fuel trim

    Thanks Adam. I have used the mixture map but it seems to only update 3-5 cells at a time. Maybe I just need to play with the settings a bit. My ve table is very close anyway so maybe I am just within the accepted limits it looks for.
  7. 434josh

    Long term fuel trim

    Is there a place in PC link to view LTFT? I have not looked at any of the statistics while the motor is running so I am sorry if that's where it is. I would like to view this to do some very fine tuning.
  8. Let it crank for a bit but not start. Key off and pull a plug. Is it wet or dry? Tune cranking fuel accordingly. Likely it will be dry and need an increase in cranking fuel.
  9. Bud what is the exact issue? Does it start and instantly die? Does it crank and crank but not fire? Each issue has a different fix.
  10. I am using the devil's own tuner kit. They recommended letting my ecu controller it over their controller. I have the pump on a switch which also is connected to a digital input in my Link Extreme. When that digital input is active I use a 4d fuel/spark table to pull fuel, add timing and a duty cycle table with ssr to control a fast valve. This way the meth is always at 300 psi and the valve is pwm'd to pulse the spray. Works flawlessly. Dual 1000cc nozzles and a devil's own solenoid/fast valve.
  11. I just wanted to make sure I have the right idea here. Turbocharged v8 with a large turbo which doesn't start to spool until 4300 rpm. Want to run a regressive dry n2o shot starting at 2700 rpm and tapering away to nothing by 180kpa or so. I am already spraying meth so i am using the 4d fuel and spark table to pull fuel and add timing when its active and the 5d to add fuel/reduce timing for the n2o. Will the 4d/5d tables when set to overlay be cohesive? If one is adding 2* but the other is pulling 1* it will all jive and add 1* total? Same with the fuel. Meth starts spraying around 170 kpa so there will be a small overlap. Any tips on how much fuel to add to start with? 100% duty will be 150hp shot. Not sure if there is any sort of calculation to determine how much extra fuel % to add. Its on e85 and max IDC I see is 57% at 6500 rpm and 15 psi of boost. (2100cc injectors)
  12. Thanks Adam, that makes perfect sense.
  13. So I took my car to the track today - 1/8 mile drag race. First time out with a new turbo but I did have some street time on it. 1st pass right at 6400 rpm, 1st gear it fell on its face like ignition cut then it recovered and I shifted to 2nd, at 6400 rpm again same thing so I backed off a bit to about 80% throttle and finished the pass. 7.0 at 91 mph. Looked at the pc log and I hit 235 kpa at both instances of it cutting out. I though "oh that must by my set map limit" because I usually have everything set for 15-17 psi. Dial the WD duty down a smidge and run a pass at 10 psi without issues. 6.9 @ 102 mph. Ran 3 more passes at 13 psi without issue - 6.75 at 107. I got home and looked at my map limit and its 240 kpa, not 235. Is it likely it hit early or is it more likely I had an e-throttle issue? I am using a GM LS7 gold blade TB that some have said gives issues with higher boost but I have been at 17 psi for a while now. Will the ecu store that as a code if it cut throttle due to tps vs aps disagreement? Would it have recovered that quickly? I thought it would limit the rpm until a key cycle. I may up the boost cut to 245 kpa to see if that fixes things or if it still happens at 235 kpa. I did another log without saving that first one so I don't have it to upload unfortunately. Link Extreme ecu in case that matters.
  14. I am sorry if I missed the proper settings but I am only seeing power limiting via fuel cut or ignition cut. Can you limit power via the e-throttle for traction control?
  15. Would this work?? Lets say I have a gear vendors overdrive unit and I want my Extreme to control it without using any of the GV electronics other than the solenoid on the unit itself. Using a single output looking at TPS/speed and a virtual output looking also at TPS/speed to determine if I am at cruise, wot or passing. Bad idea or functional? The pics show settings that allow it to shift into overdrive at a TPS of less than 50% but a speed over 40 mph/65kph but still shift into OD at WOT over 75mph/120kph. My setup is a 2 speed powerglide. I want the OD to activate at the track while in first gear right around 6500 rpm which is right at 75 mph. But I also cruise the car and want it to engage at cruise anywhere over 40 mph as long as I am less than 50%tps. I want it to downshift out of OD if i am less than 75 mph and try to pass someone on the highway. I would probably have to play with the TPS settings a bit to get it right but want to make sure this isn't a pipe dream before trying. What do you think?
  16. Crap I see that now. I picked up a new Surface tablet and somehow when setting the tune file up I guess I turned that on. It's not like that on my laptop I was using. Thank goodness for e85.
  17. So i just did a logged pull and noticed something disturbing. My timing should have been around 21* btdc but the log showed over 40*. The table had 19* plus a 4d overlay of 2* while my meth injection is spraying. Do you see any reason why this would happen? Could the overlay table cause this? Did my motor really see 40*+timing at 11psi FORD 363.pclr meth pull.llg
  18. 434josh

    fuel map maxed out

    Simon do you have stoich set for 9.x or 14.7? That makes a 30% difference in your fuel table.
  19. What does the trigger log/scope look like? Is the cam sync a VR pickup or Hall? Mine is a VR.
  20. So the 4d correction will correct between all of the calculations? Awesome. Thanks.
  21. It's a 36-1 crank wheel with a hall sensor and a modified explorer cam syncronizer. It's working very well and was extremely easy to setup.
  22. I just wanted to introduce myself and my project. Thanks to Adam and a few others the progression from a Megasquirt MS3Pro that gave me nothing but problems to a Link Extreme went amazingly successful! The setup details are: 1969 Mustang Single Turbo on E85 High Compression Dart big bore block - 363"/6.0L Full sequential fuel and spark with LS coils and Fuel Injector Development 2200cc injectors. I have owned the car since the early 90's when my Great Grandfather, the original owner, sold it to me for $100. This has turned into a very fun street machine that makes nearly 1000hp and drives around as easily as it did in fully stock trim.
  23. I am wondering if I can do what I am hoping or if its a pipe dream... Link Extreme running flex fuel setup on a turbocharged motor. I also have a meth injection setup spraying 2000cc/min at full throttle which is setup on a progressive duty cycle table. The issue is obviously its pig rich with full meth spray. I know i can do a switched table setup for meth/no meth but can i setup the equivalent of 4 tables? Pump gas/e85/meth/no meth? 99% of the time i will be on full e85 and I really only run the flex sensor for the "just in case I wander too far from home" and need to put in regular gas. Hasn't happened yet but it probably will some day. If i can't do the above i will just setup a full second tune for pump gas and use switching tables for meth/no meth but it would be awesome if i could do it all in one tune. BTW - I absolutely love this ECU. You guys have done a bang up job. I switched from a Megasquirt MS3Pro and this is night and day different. I am making the same power at 3 psi now as I did at 15 psi before. Nothing else on the setup has changed.
  24. Is there a way to slow down the rate at which the Extreme registers pressure from a sensor? I have a rail mounted fuel pressure sensor and the logged pressure is all over the place but my dash mounted gauge is steady. I think it's maybe registering actual pulses from the pump and the regulator because it's displaying too fast. Can I reduce the sample rate? When I say all over the place, I mean the kpa reading is 300, 305, 289, 315, etc in consecutive log lines.
  25. Must have had a bad connection somewhere. Ran new wires and boom it works great. Apparently my local station has some killer e85. Adam, off subject but is there a way to select a display unit for a particular gauge? I want kpa for everything except fuel pressure but I can't seem to figure out how to accomplish this. I have everything setup for psi on the gauge/Cal table but it still displays in kpa.
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