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  1. So there is not option to put a on/off switch on my pc layout for the als?
  2. I wanted to know if there is a way to put an on and off switch on my layout for anti lag
  3. Yes I did. It smoothed the idle up some but didn't seem to help the issue
  4. So I tried a new valve and it is still acting the same. I found the lowering the frequency to about 60- 80 hz makes it react more quickly and not hold high revs. But with frequency that low the valve is really unpredictable.
  5. I haven't yet. Are you thinking that trick will close the valve correctly? Cause I can phisically see that it is the valve staying to far open for the time it revs at 2k
  6. With doing that is does the same thing accept after the delay I am having it just kills the engine.
  7. it doesn't do it when valve is un plugged. What I meant is by un plugging the valve it opens then when plugged back in it takes time to react. Just like when it is turned off by link by going above a certain throttle % or past a certain rev. Shouldn't the valve close when shut off? Instead of open.
  8. in the middle of logging an saving the map for some reason I had switched it to open loop. I've tried 120 frequency and it doesn't seem to make any difference. In that log. What you marked is the exact thing that I'm talking about. I didn't do anything or change anything. All I did was revved the engine in the first box. And the isc opened up and didn't react (close) till the second box. Revs were stuck at about 2k between the 2 boxes you marked. I see on that log where it shows it's givin duty cycle to the isc. Maybe my valve is bad. I'll go pick one up from the parts store asap.
  9. isc issue map.pclr isc issue log file.llg ive found that no matter what when the iscv shuts off by turning off the car, revving, going above 5% tp or un plugging the iscv. The valve opens to a position where revs are about 2000 Then when turned back on by link it takes about 5 seconds to react and go back to desired position.
  10. Is there a certain map that you want me to record while demonstrating the problem?
  11. Thanks. So try to un plug it while the engine is running?
  12. I have a ford isc valve hooked up on my 2jz with link G4 storm. The issue I am having with it is when I rev the engine the valve seems to shut off for about 5 seconds staying wide open holding revs at about 2k. This also happens each time I start the engine. It's as if when ever it is turned off it is taking to long to turn back on. So what I have done with the tuning of it is trying different frequencys between 150 and 600 hz then I have gone threw the isc solenoid setup process in open loop and closed loop multiple times thinking I wasn't doing something right there. I have also tried to set max clamp to the same duty cycle As I have is set to on the 2d table. Also I have tried fiddling with the gain in closed loop. After that 5 second or so delay the isc seems to be doing a great job at maintaining my target idle rpm. Maybe I just have a bad iacv an need to try a new one. Any input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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