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  1. SimonR32

    R32 GTR issues

    Also tried both edges with no luck. As I mentioned before, it was perfect with my old plug in Vipec but as soon as I changed to Link it became an issue so I'm assuming it's a software issue with how it interprets the signal
  2. SimonR32

    Gear Detection

    Thanks for the reply. Is there any issue with seeing gear zero during changes or just ? Another option would be to lower the voltages of each driven gear by say 0.2V so there is still a big enough window to see the gear correctly but effectively will delay the torque introduction until 0.07V before the gear is full engaged (rather than 0.27V) or am I totally overthinking it? I just want the dogs (and gears) to be as safe and long lasting as possible
  3. SimonR32

    R32 GTR issues

    Correct, comes as wheel speed but it's picked up by the gearbox drive
  4. SimonR32

    R32 GTR issues

    Yes speed (km/hr) reading zero at random times. I had a Vipec plug in and no issues at all, straight after swapping to Link G4+ plug in it's had issues, like the other 2. I assume it's something to do with filtering, I just want a fix because it's stopping me being able to run anything dependant on a semi reliable speed source (launch control, boost control etc)
  5. SimonR32

    R32 GTR issues

    Bump, this is now 3 users with issues with the speed reading that have posted on here. Is there anything that can be done? I'm going to guess it's even more common, just not a lot of people look at speed in logs
  6. SimonR32

    Gear Detection

    Just want to confirm something with gear detection and voltage tolerances. It's for a PPG sequential with a rotary position sensor, so when in gear the voltages are fairly accurate, usually +/- 0.02V. Originally I had the voltage tolerance much lower, +/- 0.05V but the ECU and dash were registering neutral so I've raised to +/-0.27V which is basically half the difference between the smallest gap in driven gears. I can actually increase it to +/-0.29V if needed as it still sees neutral between some gears for a very short time. This tolerance fixes the neutral readings between gears but it concerns me that the ECU will register the next gear during a driven up shift too early (0.27V before it's fully in gear) and engage torque too early causing premature dog wear and or mis-shifts. I guess my question, is it better to have a large window so the ECU doesn't register neutrals or small window so the ECU knows exactly when the gear has made it fully into the next gear?
  7. 5V out is rock solid on 4.99V 12V internal does occasionally drop to 11.7V from 12.01 but nothing to correlate to the rpm or speed jumping around, same with the battery. Redid some more testing and it doesn't appear that the speed and rpm wobble are related, just seems to happen more often together but not all the time. Wierd
  8. Is it just my imagination or could these be correlated?
  9. Thanks for the reply, speed seems to have fixed with the pull up resistor on (although does still have some random low spikes) but I may try and switch the falling edge tonight but it's a massive improvement. I'll look into wiring a resistor into the sensor and see how I go, sounds like a bigger job but may be worth it
  10. Hi guys, Got a few little niggling issues, first is the speed sensor. Have set at rising and falling and tried to calibrate but it seems to jump around all over the place. I did have a Vipec plug in before this and it worked perfectly and then started playing up after the swap and appears to get worse and worse. Had a few different gearboxes in as well so I don't think it's the sensor. Settings and logs in images. I also have a little issue with the high octane crank trigger kit. The signal appears to "bounce" a little when the throttle is released, probably not the biggest issue but it does make the data for the flat shift cuts for the sequential box tuning a lot harder. Example highlighted in red circles
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