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  1. SimonR32

    R32 GTR plugin issues

    5V out is rock solid on 4.99V 12V internal does occasionally drop to 11.7V from 12.01 but nothing to correlate to the rpm or speed jumping around, same with the battery. Redid some more testing and it doesn't appear that the speed and rpm wobble are related, just seems to happen more often together but not all the time. Wierd
  2. SimonR32

    R32 GTR plugin issues

    Is it just my imagination or could these be correlated?
  3. SimonR32

    R32 GTR plugin issues

    Thanks for the reply, speed seems to have fixed with the pull up resistor on (although does still have some random low spikes) but I may try and switch the falling edge tonight but it's a massive improvement. I'll look into wiring a resistor into the sensor and see how I go, sounds like a bigger job but may be worth it
  4. SimonR32

    R32 GTR plugin issues

    Hi guys, Got a few little niggling issues, first is the speed sensor. Have set at rising and falling and tried to calibrate but it seems to jump around all over the place. I did have a Vipec plug in before this and it worked perfectly and then started playing up after the swap and appears to get worse and worse. Had a few different gearboxes in as well so I don't think it's the sensor. Settings and logs in images. I also have a little issue with the high octane crank trigger kit. The signal appears to "bounce" a little when the throttle is released, probably not the biggest issue but it does make the data for the flat shift cuts for the sequential box tuning a lot harder. Example highlighted in red circles