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  1. Hi guys,after i managed to start n tune up my car, now im wondering how to tune the idle like cyclic or rotating idle like im have aggresive cam degree rhythm like up and down...as i known g4+ Atom dont have cyclic idle.. Heres is the example of the idling sound and back fire after accelerating...can you guys show me how to tune ot?
  2. Bro isit maybe my dwell time too much? 10ms for k20A coil seems very high?Now i reduce it to 4.5ms
  3. Yeap im set it to falling edge...is it maybe i dint off the iginition test? If im using this to set my cam trigger 2,which type should i choose? Is it Optical? And the edge is Rising?
  4. Hi guys,when im tring to start the car when i wire up already...i test the ign test n injector tested already...but when more 30minutes my K20A plug coil start melting and smell bad...it is my setting wrong? Im sure that the wiring were correctly wire up...Please help me
  5. So bro if i installed it right already is it the engine can start? Becsuse im worrying there are no data inside the Link G4 ecu...so its question in my mind
  6. Basic wiring diagram to wired up the engine Thx for reply bro Because im totally zero knowledge about standalone ecu...so i dint know what sensor is for trigger or CAN bus or AUX...so need you guys to help me a little bit bout this
  7. Hi im new in standalone link ecu...wish to hve some advices from you guys...im planning to wired up my toyota 3RZFE prado engine...thanks for replies
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