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  1. Restart of pc, disconnect ecu and reconnect, allowed me to reflash again and worked this time. Tested new settings and is working as it should. Thanks Adam been a massive help mate one more thing while I have you here, how can I stop that an volt 3 fault code? I have tried to set the warning and error values to zero and also high numbers to stop the code appearing but does not seem to work, on key cycle the code returns.. not sure if you can see that in the log file
  2. Tried and doesn't work error could not connect to ecu
  3. Okay so firmware update failed. Followed all instructions correctly but it returned an error: an error occurred which interuppted the firmware download, please run the firmware loader again. error setcomfailed.com error during opening com and then when retrying it said link_not_connected. I assume this unit is junk now? Also did you mean the one i attached? As you havnt attached anything. Cheers
  4. here is the map and log file i have it running not too badly when fully warm after altering afr to give a steady idle and increased ign timing, in the log file i believe the stepper is fully closed. cheers mirage 4g93 map tested ok.pcl Log 5-03-18 12;44;53 pm.llg
  5. Hey guys, I have a v44 ecu I'm trying to to setup to suit a mitsubishi 4G93 engine, 1.8L (2000) i have setup most things as copied from evo 6 wiring diagrams (evo 6 stock ecu runs this engine with no wiring changes) i have hooked up pin 4, 17 (coil a) 5, 18 (coil b ) to aux 5, 6 7,8 respectively, assigned the outputs and as isc stepper, i get the stepper move when key on but it just opens fully and causes lean condition, when swapping wires around I can get it to fully close, but no combination will get it to work correctly, I have tried bi Polar and unipolar settings neither works as it should. Wondering If anyone has faced the same issue and knows how to fix it, cheers!
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