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  1. Just got my car back from the tuner after fitting the link and Can lambda, what a transformation, its like a different car, for anyone thinking of doing the same, you won't regret it, best mod I've ever done. Also big thumbs up to the Link tech support team for their expert advice, problem solving and patience!
  2. StuM

    Evo 6 setup

    Yes that has done it, all green now, just the fan polarity to sort and it can go to the tuner, thanks Adam.
  3. StuM

    Evo 6 setup

    I've just checked the power supply again and its getting +12v ignition fed?
  4. StuM

    Evo 6 setup

    I’ll look at the power supply again but it’s definitely capable of 8a, I’ve routed the can cables, shielded twisted pair around the engine bay away from ignition wires etc, I have noticed that the can doesn’t save, ie every time I switch it on I have to set up the can again even though it was found and saved last time?
  5. StuM

    Evo 6 setup

    I've not managed to upload the map but I had a look at the Lambda settings under Lamda 1 and it gets to the Lambda Calibrating then throws fault code 2 which says internal error and about every 5 seconds it throws code 26 which is the battery under voltage so I'll have to have another look at the power supply but could the power supply also cause the 2 fault code the internal error?
  6. StuM

    Evo 6 setup

    Thanks Guys, it will take me a day or two due to work to post the map I think but its pretty much the base map with the narrowband input set to off and lambda set to wideband.
  7. StuM

    Evo 6 setup

    I have saved to the ECU but it still doesn’t seem to save, on the runtime values I get all green apart from the bottom 2 and green with 3 lines red with ignition off!
  8. StuM

    Evo 6 setup

    Hi, managed to get my car running on the base map, just a couple of issues to sort before I can send it off to the tuner. 1, I've set up the can lambda and turned off the old narrowband output, I've setup the can and it does find the device, I clicked send at 1mb/s and then unplugged the can to cycle the power when told but its not registering and even though I've saved the settings it doesn't seem to store properly. Also just get a red line on the lambda out with a zero, do I need to change anything else? 2. Even though the cooling fan is saying off, it runs constantly, had to unplug it for now.
  9. StuM

    Link Can Lambda wiring

    Hi, can anyone help with the wiring for the can lambda module, I’m happy with the power and earth but there’s some confusion with the can wires from the module 4 pin plug to the can pcb cable, it says on the manual wire between 0.3-0.35 but is it normal cable? Twisted pair? also there is no resistor on the wiring diagram but I’ve seen threads where people have added one, do I need to or is that for more than one module? car is an Evo 6
  10. It works in the manuals and support section!
  11. I get an Error 404 not found when trying to download the Evo 4-8 manual off that page?
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