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  1. Tenny

    NGTR+ oil pressure sensor

    Just found my issue. 12v was on the wrong pin. Seems like wiring specialities made a mistake so will get it sorted.
  2. Tenny

    NGTR+ oil pressure sensor

    Hello all again. Just wanna hijack this thread as I've run into a pretty serious issue. I don't think it's the fault of the ecu but want to make sure there isn't any settings etc that could cause this. No. 2 coil is getting extremely hot (started to melt) with ignition on OR car running. Have removed original coil from equation and tested another three on No. 2 with the same result. My loom is a brand new wiring specialities harness with yaris coilpacks. I have emailed them but don't expect a reply as it is the weekend. Tune is booked for next week so would really appreciate the help if anyone has ideas! Thanks.
  3. Tenny

    NGTR+ oil pressure sensor

    Hey Brad. I do have an aftermarket sensor was just planning to use the stock wiring (with a changed plug of course) to supply ECU with pressure data.
  4. Tenny

    NGTR+ oil pressure sensor

    Not sure where I got pin 37 from either sorry. Was just running off memory. Many thanks for that. I will take a look at it for CAN bus too. I will have to check what pin I'm using for IAT, I believe it should be pin 36 (factory IAT on GTR), but it could be using pin 27 for factory rb25 afm. Once I know what I have left I can chuck the oil pressure sensor on one of those.
  5. Hey all. Wasnt able to find a thread on this issue specific to the gtr / gts plugin. I was under the impression that it was possible to reutitilize the stock engine harness pressure switch wiring for an aftermarket oil pressure sensor. I have since had a look and realise there is no pin on the ecu that directly deals with that switch. It must only go to the dash for the warning light. In saying that, is my only option to wire this pressure sensor through an expansion loom? On another note I also have an aem x series wideband which i planned to wire into pin 37 (to replace the Nb signal) and set that AN volt to "0-5v". Am I correct in thinking that will function properly? Regards. Tennessee.
  6. Tenny

    RB25 start map

    Yeah I had reset to base map. Decided I'd borrow a normal cas and leave the 24-1 to the tuner. Just had another go. I am using a neo cas, with a S1 front cover. It seems like it didn't go in properly. So I pulled front cover off and fit cas properly. Left it on 10ms and started up first go. So just a fault on my part!
  7. Tenny

    RB25 start map

    hi Adam, I used a standard cas, and upped the fuel trim to 12ms. It fired, but died. Then on next try it had a huge backfire. Scared me a bit ha
  8. Tenny

    RB25 start map

    Thanks, I'll give that a go shortly.
  9. Tenny

    RB25 start map

    Hi Adam, I have a GTRLink plugin. I have opened the base map provided with PClink, but was unable to find the suitable settings for a 24-1 CAS disc, or to scale the injectors correctly. Thanks heaps.
  10. Tenny

    RB25 start map

    Hey All, Is anyone able to provide me with a PCL file that will allow me to start my new setup and check for leaks etc before tune? Unfortunately the previous tuner password locked the current file, and I have been unable to configure the GTRLink base map correctly. 24-1 CAS disc Bosch 1000CC injectors on E85 I know sending base maps is frowned upon, but id really appreciate it! thanks
  11. Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to test the ecu connectivity / charging yet as my right angle cables and OTG hub haven't come in. Will be sure to update you all though.
  12. Took my tablet 3 days to get from Hong Kong to Brisbane which I was super impressed with. That was through gearbest. Did a rough fit into the surround, then test fitted it properly this afternoon.
  13. So I've decided to go with a pipo w2s. Has OTG capability, dual boot win 10 and Android. I have attached some pictures of a mock up on how it should fit in my R32 skyline. A right angle mini USB should fit, which will go back to a OTG USB hub which will then connect to the ecu. Have ordered the tablet from gearbest, so will update once it's in and I've got it working.
  14. Yeah I've been looking at the pipo x11 which seems to be the perfect size, but not having a battery is putting me off a little bit. At the moment I think a battery powered tablet with OTG charging is the way to go. But, need to ensure that with a powered USB hub the device will charge and receive data from the ECU at the same time. Has anyone tested this? Also adzn3k, how much did you pay for your linx??
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