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  1. Were do i need to send it to and what is the cost?
  2. I have a honda 92-95 link g4+ ecu and was wondering if i can I wire in a knock sensor into it. If so what pins would I use.
  3. Ya, that is my assumption hot and cold temperature changes.
  4. Thanks, got find out why it corroded like that its only 1 years old.
  5. I took apart the main relay and this is what i found So tomorrow ill get a new one.
  6. It is lighting up but it flashes, insink with the fan relay. Its definitely getting power, i replaced the fan relay, and im going to get a new main relay and see if its that.
  7. Its a plugin i have a Honda obd1
  8. Battery is at 12.65 sitting and 10.21 crank ruffle It was perfectly fine when i parked it then i go to pull it out of my garage since sitting for a few months and all these issues
  9. Forgot to add that i am not able to connect to the ecu and still cant
  10. I have a question, I had my car parked since December and installed my battery(new) went to start but noticed few things 1) the fan relay is clicking and the fan is rotating super slow 2) The fuel pump is not priming 3) and the car does not start Does this indicate my ecu is bad
  11. 3rdgenls1

    Tach signal

    Thanks ill do that
  12. 3rdgenls1

    Tach signal

    Hello, I have link g4+ obd1 92-95 honda, AEM eps, coil on plugs on 90 ef civic hatch. My blue tach wire off my harness, were do i connect it to on the ecu to get my tach to work.
  13. I would but i did not save any, and i have since taken the engine apart to redo the rings.
  14. Im running it on modelled. I only made 207whp and 192trq at 7psi, so that means my pump is bad. The pump is good to about 450whp on pump gas and brand new. I never had a walboro 255lph hp arrive bad, man that sucks. Thanks for the help
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