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  1. Darin

    VH45 turbo ecu upgrade.

    Ok. So the later model coils will work with direct feed. They're the same coils as RB25 etc. Is there much to wiring in the OBD2 socket?
  2. Hi. Just in the process of upgrading the ecu on my off-road race truck. Currently running an Auntronic SMC and CDi. I'm thinking to do what I want I'll need to use a G4+ Extreme. My questions are... Will the extreme run the coils direct or do I need a cdi or ignitor etc ? We are looking at using a tablet for the dash as it will also then run cameras etc. Can we get android app or is it windows based only? (Saw talk of Android but could find anything conclusive) Is there a base tune for a VH45? (Series 2 cam sensor)
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