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  1. My ECU is still concealed in the package, so I have the manual. But thank you Alright, awesome. So as long as my Dash logger have a CAN input with a template for the ECU's you mentioned I'm good to go? Not sure how the wiring works since it's a plug and play ECU? I was looking at the new AEM CD-7. I saw High Performance Academy just had a giveaway on one that was linked with a G4+ I'm building my car as I go, I have no experience myself and I've never installed a aftermarket ECU before. So it's a very rich learning experience for me. I have friends who are into tuning, engine building and whatever but I try to do most of my research so I don't have to nag at them every day. My "plan" is to make a custom cluster with nothing but the AEM CD7 in it, I have it replace everything the OEM cluster has, indicators for blinkers, fuel, water temps, etc and also have alarms for every gauge so I don't need gauges in my car Here is a picture I found that I think should give an idea I don't know to much about these dash loggers, anyone know any other brands that could do the same job for a better price?
  2. Hello, I just have a quick question. I bought a Vi-Pec ECU some years back. And I can't remember the name of the store that sold it so I can't read about it on their page, and I cant find it on the vi-pec homepage. I am 99% sure it was called a "Vi-pec V44 Plugin ECU" for Nissan Silvia/180SX/200SX SR/CA Long header. I would just like to read the futures of this ecu, since I wanna check my options for running this with a dash logger. Can anyone help me out here? On the lable on the package it says: Nissan S13/S14 PCB Rev 1.2 BB V1.0 Serial # 14072
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