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  1. barge

    FIC 1650cc Subaru Injectors

    I switched to these injectors because they're stainless and to handle a bigger turbo with E85. In case anyone else is looking to run them I got injector data (attached) from FIC. I combined this data with the custom flow data i got with the injectors and i've been very happy with how they've worked. Link ECU 1650cc.xlsx
  2. barge

    g4+ fuel pump control (fixed! see last post)

    Adam, It's saying that I need a newer version of the software to open this. I redownloaded the latest just to make sure and i'm still getting the same message. I think I understand how to set up the open loop now based off what you've said though.
  3. barge

    g4+ fuel pump control (fixed! see last post)

    Does changing the fuel pump mode require you to power cycle the ECU? I didn't do that when I changed it back to 3 step. I'll test it today. The inverted percentage makes a lot more sense now. Thanks for clarifying.
  4. barge

    g4+ fuel pump control (fixed! see last post)

    I'm having a, maybe related, issue to this. Subaru STI(04) V10 PnP After seeing this post i changed my switchover points but this got me looking at the fuel pressure more closely. I tried just switching to an open loop mode to maybe bypass this bug but open loop control didn't work at all for me. With it in 33% cells i put in the pump was putting out 67%. I switched back to the 3 speed mode and now it seems to be stuck at 67% and won't change even as I change the switchover points. Barge FP Log 2018-06-11 2;09;16 pm.llg LesboRacer v4.4.pclr
  5. barge

    Aim MXL Strada not reading the correct pressures

    The dummy row at the end didn't work for me. I switched to the multiple streams and that's working fine. Hopefully they fix this issue.
  6. barge

    VVT Table Setup

    On my v10 Subaru the vvt table has a Y axis of throttle position. The stock Subaru stuff is all load based and I've done some reading that the VE/Fuel Table Y axis and the VVT Y axis should match. In this case changing to MGP on the Y for VVT. Obviously this would require redoing the table maybe using some reference from stock Subaru or doing some calcs. Is there a benefit to leaving it? Benefit to changing it?
  7. barge

    How to assign AUX14 to DI9 input?

    That's what that would do... Flicking the switch just has to turn the input off.
  8. barge

    Aim MXL Strada not reading the correct pressures

    Me too... I tried getting custom comms going for several hours before I posted here. Hopefully it's something they plan to fix. Doesn't make sense why it's fine for their driver's but not custom ones
  9. barge

    Subaru Electronic Throttle Pinout

    If it's from an impreza it's pretty easy to find a service manual for pretty much every year mode online.
  10. barge

    Aim MXL Strada not reading the correct pressures

    Since I won't be able to test for another week or so here is a modified file that AIM sent to me. They said there is an issue with the custom driver handing row ID's. They fixed it in another case by adding the dummy wrong and byte you see at the end. I'll test it in a week or so but I figured i'd present the info in case anyone else may need it. LINK_BRG AiM Test_@20180414_155512_005852.xc1
  11. barge

    Subaru Engine Swap/Updated to 4 Cam VVT

    Tumble valves are gone so those outputs and inputs are free. All the cruise signals I hope to have on CAN along with other "body control" type stuff.
  12. So I have a v10 STI PnP ECU that i seem to be rather quickly trying to make as un-PnP as possible. I've got some CAN bus stuff I'm researching to clear up a lot of my digital IO and I'm wanting to figure out if there's any reason I couldn't run a newer STI motor with the 4 cam control provided i free up the necessary IO in the 1-4 range. Obviously the wiring harness would require some work/modification to support this.
  13. barge

    Aim MXL Strada not reading the correct pressures

    Thanks for the help. I will hopefully get back to the car tomorrow and test this. I'll get a call into AIM tomorrow as well to see what they have to say. I'm a little disappointed in them after upgrading from an MXL to the new MXS and not being able to use the main feature I upgraded for properly.
  14. barge

    Aim MXL Strada not reading the correct pressures

    Here is where I got with my AIM config. The other one I did I left "gaps" in the CAN config because I was trying to better organize the data for myself. This latest config I just put everything packed together like the default file in hopes that would work. If you do this much I should be able to take care of any additions. LINK_BRGCustomStream_@20180414_155512_005852.xc1
  15. barge

    Evo 8 Link g4+ wideband

    I'd use Canbus if you have a newer AEM.