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  1. If I had to guess there's an output CAN msg from the ECU that it's expecting when it's in motion. Engine running, RPM, something. Do you have capability of datalogging the CANbus with the stock ecu in place?
  2. Just searching through the FSM for your car it looks like that PWM controller is looking for a 0-5V PWM signal. It doesn't show a frequency though. 100Hz seems to be a common automotive control frequency though so I'd start there unless someone has more concrete info.
  3. barge

    Fuel pump controller

    Cut from a Jaguar Service Manual that I have. PWM is Switched Low, 100Hz, 0-50% DC for 0-100% pump. I did not connect the monitor in my vehicle. Also of note i'm currently supplying it with 18V via a voltage booster.
  4. barge

    GPS can bus setting

    I had V1 AIM MXS and you can send GPS speed over the CAN output on CAN1. I'll see if I can get some screenshots of my old setup tonight as I've now switched over to ECUMaster's ADU5.
  5. barge

    Fuel pump controller

    I'm using a Siemens/Jaguar unit. That's what the NZEFI is/was assuming you're referring to this out of stock item. https://www.nzefi.com/product/fuel-pump-pwm-speed-controller/ You can find them easily on ebay for under $100. Look for a Jaguar XF fuel pump controller. I've got a supply of the connectors and can get you one for a couple bucks or help you with some harnessing. https://www.jaguartroy.com/order-parts-and-accessories.htm?path=%2Foem-parts%2Fjaguar-fuel-pump-controller-c2c35672%3Fc%3DZz1mdWVsLXN5c3RlbSZzPWZ1ZWwtc3lzdGVtLWNvbXBvbmVudHMmbD0yNCZuPUFzc2VtYmxpZXMgUGFnZSZhPWphZ3VhciZvPXhmJnk9MjAxMSZ0PXN1cGVyY2hhcmdlZCZlPTUtMGwtdjgtZ2Fz I believe that would be a new one. I have a wiring diagram too that I can dig up.
  6. AUX PWM outputs over CAN is currently a requested feature I believe. Myself and a couple others have requested it I believe.
  7. I'm actually in process of switching to the ECUmaster ADU5 because the screens are very customizable. I had the v1 AIM MXS and was very frustrated because they did not support multiplexed custom CAN configuration. Took them over a year to fix the issue (while it was already functional with the v1.2 that Link distributes) I will say the ECUmaster does have some of its own issues though. The pages are so customizable that it requires you to spend a decent amount of time setting them up. They have some templates but I didn't love them. They also require a CAN-USB adapter and those usually run about $250.
  8. I'm not sure if the Link software supports zero'ing out gains but you'd typically tune a PID loop in order. Tune the P gain until it overshoots, then back it off a touch. Then tune the I gain to handle that last 10% of motion to get it to follow nice. Then play with the D gain and tweak it. Based on those charts I'd say you need more P gain. You can do all this testing with the motor off so you're not rev'ing to the moon or crashing into things (mentioning it because you say you have a drive home log).
  9. The very newest Corvettes may use brushless fans but the controller i'm using is for a normal brushed fan. https://rennlist.com/forums/928-forum/917865-mercedes-or-corvette-pwm-cooling-fan-controller-info.html This is a pretty good overview of the controller i'm using. I was able to source the pins for it and reused the connector housing i got with the one i bought.
  10. Seems like most OEM's have very oversized wire on their DBW throttle bodies. Probably to compensate for cheap wire, variances, and all the other fun stuff OEM's consider. I used 20awg for my Hemi throttle body without issue so far.
  11. I am doing the same thing using a Mercedes PWM fan controller. The controller has like 8-10awg wires into it stock so it's rated for some good current. I'm running a 14" spal. The corvette uses the same controller put doesn't have the +12v ign signal which may be better with the link system anyway. If the +12v signal is on and the PWM signal is not valid the fan runs 100%. It's working well so far. The fan PWM does need to be inverted so it's 90% duty cycle to be off and 10% duty cycle to run 100%. With the mercedes unit as mentioned above anything below 10 or over 90 and the fan will run 100% speed. Doesn't really solve the AC issue as I believe most cars don't just bump speed with the AC it usually causes one of the fans to run all the time for airflow over the front core. I think it may almost be better to just have the fun run at 50% minimum if AC is on. Not sure how/if that's doable in the link software scheme though.
  12. Last time I tried it did not but there have been several updates since then. Unfortunately AIM seems to have rapidly moved on to new products and not fixed existing ones. I've been a bit disappointed in them since "upgrading" from an mxl to mxs. I can test it when my car is back up from its winter surgery.
  13. Has AIM finally fixed the multiplexing issue on these so you don't have to use a bunch of streams with a custom CAN config?
  14. Specifically I'm currently running a custom CAN based fuel pump controller. I can send the duty cycle over CAN but if I remove the fuel pump output I lose the duty cycle value. In general expanded ability to map inputs and outputs to CAN would be nice. Radiator fan control, PWM, etc etc. I haven't tried everything yet so i'm sure i've missed some stuff.
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