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  1. You can't just wire it direct. You need a terminating resistor on the CANbus.
  2. barge

    G4X CAN IO

    Thanks... those virtual PWMs would be helpful for some of the stuff I'm trying to do.
  3. barge

    G4X CAN IO

    So over in the G4+ forum AdamW mentioned that the G4X has the capability to receive almost any input over CANbus. I was wondering if more output flexibility was added as well. On the g4+ i was running a canbus controlled fuel pump controller for a time but if I didn't assign a physical output to FP Speed... the CAN output of FPspeed would not function. Are these output assignments becoming more flexible now in regards to CAN? With all the PDM's and CAN devices out there not it's nice to be able to do this kind of stuff fully over CAN.
  4. I did not see that detail in the release notes. That's very cool.
  5. barge


    Interesting... I need to change mine back. I was struggling with some oddities using MAP. One issue I found is that cruising/idling/decel MAP values can kind of seem to overlap and blend so I was struggling to get the cams to advance when I really wanted them to. Using throttle position would help in that regard. Although it seems that most intake cam timing on turbo cars is MAP pressure based because it's typically used for boost onset improvements. You'd have to be dependent on RPM only there unless you did some kind of TP vs MAP table but that may get really messy.
  6. barge

    Fan Module.

    You can also look into using a Jaguar XF fuel pump controller. I think stock it's protected with a 30A fuse. Someone tore one apart and all the components are pretty beefy inside. Connector kits are available (If you can't find them I have a bunch) and they take a NPN PWM signal that's typical of standalone ECUs and the Link. One "issue" with the fan controllers on fuel pumps is the failsafe they have that if they lose the PWM signal they'll run 100%. You have to ensure that any time the module has power the ECU will be giving it the off PWM level.
  7. barge

    CAN2 Network Issue

    Yes properly terminated should be 60. The only way to maintain that level with these OEM devices is to be able to remove a terimnator somewhere. But regardless it did work even at 30ohm. The 120ohm checks I did were with no connections. Just checking to make sure the terminator is measuring properly at the ecu. Yes I contacted tech support in the US (i'm actually local to US tech support).... however with the Covid restrictions and the track season looking like it's finally going to kick off I've developed a workaround by reading the data via the Dash and then retransmitting back to the Link ECU over the 1mbps bus. This seems to work well in limited testing i've done with it and it will at least get me through until winter when I can do without the car running for the potential repair time.
  8. barge

    CAN2 Network Issue

    Did some testing this morning with my PCAN device. CAN2 is neither receiving or transmitting. I'll tear apart the case again and recheck everything. Verified that CAN1 is working fine...data shown in PCANview. I set up my dash stream on CAN2 and no data. I did double check resistance across High/Low on the connector and it's 120ohm at the ECU which would indicate the wiring is good... but like I said i'll verify again.
  9. barge

    CAN2 Network Issue

    Another thing I tested... so when I first connected the ABS over a year ago I connected the ABS directly to the ECU on the CAN2. Even when I do this I don't see wheel speeds from the ABS.
  10. barge

    CAN2 Network Issue

    This had been working just fine in the past several months. The overnight nature is a little baffling to me. The status shows no errors on the can. All green. But ecumaster shows the bus inactive when the ECU is connected, PCAN shows busheavy. I did check the resistance and found some issues. However it had been working fine even with the extra terminators. I may have an issue with having too many devices with built in terminators that's going to hurt me. There are 2 factory devices that have a resistor...and then the ECU does as well. Is there a jumper or anything that can disable the ECU resistor? Yes I will swap the canbus networks and try using 1 for the 500kbps. I should have thought of that but it's been a frustrating day hah. I will test that in the morning. As I reply to this I may be able to work around the issue by sending the abs data through the dash and use that as a data buffer... But I'd still like to make sure the CAN2 network is still functional.
  11. barge

    CAN2 Network Issue

    On my WRX104 PnP ECU I use CAN2 to communicate to the ABS, the DCCD and monitoring of such on my ECUmaster dash is all on a 500kbps bus. Last night this network had no issues. The only item I use from all those devices in wheel speeds in the ECU but it's necessary for a bunch of controls. When I started the car this morning I was getting an ABS error light on my dash. No wheel speeds. If I disconnect the Link physically from the network everything else operates properly. As soon as I connect the ECU the network goes inactive/bus heavy. I see no data if i'm connected with my PCAN to that network. I updated my wiring since my skills have gotten a bit better over the last couple years in hopes that it was just a bad connection or something. No change. I checked the connector off the ecu and resistance is ~120ohm as expected. In the realtime monitor under CAN, CAN2 shows all green, no errors. After spending the day on this i'm a bit baffled and frustrated. I'm not sure how anything could just change overnight unless it was a tune download or something in the meantime. I did flash it to the latest revision. It was one revision old and reflashed the tune and no help. LesboRacer EJ20x v3.03.pclr
  12. I believe the mini pump runs in a default mode as well. I was going to use one before I went with the volvo. I've not seen any concrete CANbus decoding for any of the electric pumps. The problem is that most of the people using them don't have the car they go in to log data streams. I did actually find a logged data stream for a Volvo but then you have to figure out what the steering pump may actually use. Does it just use speed and engine RPM? Does it use Gforce information from the ABS module? Braking Force? Hard to say without hacking into a stock vehicle.... or taking a pump, hooking it up and blasting it will a whole array of messages until it "does something". Glad I could be of help. I have pretty much the same unit but with a Cap on top. FYI I also found a connector pack on ebay for the power and signal connectors. Also note that the "engine running" signal is +12v, high, for the pump to run. And there's a couple second delay on it.
  13. What pump are you looking to use? I'm using a Volvo pump which does have a CAN connection but it runs in a default mode without CAN with just an on signal which on the stock vehicle is an alternator output. I'm using an output that's engine RPM over 500 to trigger the pump on.
  14. Could you just multiply by 10 or 100 in the math channel until they update this in the next version? So that your error would calculate as say 1 for .1 actual error.
  15. I am looking at trying out some higher frequency solenoids that'll do ~100Hz. I'll put a flywheel on that one when I install it. Do the injectors drives have a pullup to 12v? I've got an open injector drive I can use as well. Also... thanks for all the help. This forum really has been the biggest plus/selling point for Link.
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