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  1. Last time I tried it did not but there have been several updates since then. Unfortunately AIM seems to have rapidly moved on to new products and not fixed existing ones. I've been a bit disappointed in them since "upgrading" from an mxl to mxs. I can test it when my car is back up from its winter surgery.
  2. Has AIM finally fixed the multiplexing issue on these so you don't have to use a bunch of streams with a custom CAN config?
  3. Specifically I'm currently running a custom CAN based fuel pump controller. I can send the duty cycle over CAN but if I remove the fuel pump output I lose the duty cycle value. In general expanded ability to map inputs and outputs to CAN would be nice. Radiator fan control, PWM, etc etc. I haven't tried everything yet so i'm sure i've missed some stuff.
  4. I am using the 04usdm STI PnP in my 04 Forrester XT and it's truly PnP. I believe in 05 the Forrester varied from the STI. You'd have to compare the 2 pinouts and move any differences to match. The service manuals are out there if you look.
  5. I tried searching for a howto or something to do PWM Map switching with virtual aux's but I couldn't find too much. I was researching the Motec Diff controller and to match what they do in a basic fashion i'd need. 1 PWM Table for "Accel" - Use this table when not braking 1 PWM Table for "Braking" - Use this table when braking Set to a fixed Freq if the ABS kicks on (DI or CAN) 5% Lock Set to a fixed Freq if the Hand Brake is on (DI) 0% Lock (This one is easy) This this doable with virtual IO and a GP PWM Output? This would be for a subaru 6 Speed transmission with DCCD.
  6. It's been running for a while. It has always dropped comms during a startup. Now that it's cold I'm working on cold start and I'd like to check the trigger levels and such.
  7. Is there any way to supply a regulated 12V to the ECU so that it maintains comms connection during cranking without messing up all the VBatt type compensations in the ECU? Even with a stock size battery I "think" i am getting too much voltage drop during cranking to maintain comms. Unless there is a good method of logging and trigger scoping in the ECU on it's own during a crank I'd like to remain connected during cranking. I've seen some other threads about bad grounds, starter noise, etc. All the grounding is to stock points and there's not much I can do about the factory starter.
  8. https://www.t1racedevelopment.com/product/t1-motorsport-fluid-temp-sensor/ That's the sensor I got but it doesn't use the bosch calibration that's for sure. I used that RaceSpec calibration that you linked to an the temperature looks much better. I didn't even think to look at that part because T1's site specifically says it's a bosch calibration. Thanks for helping me get that straightened out.
  9. Has anyone used one of their fluid temp sensors? I'm using it for Oil Temp and I've installed and wired it to the expansion Temp4 on my 04-06sti PnP ECU. After sitting overnight the temp read 30F vs 48F for the coolant. During driving I'm seeing 145-150F. Ive currently got it set for standard Bosch calibration. I measured the resistance at the pigtaik I've got off the sensor and back to the expansion connector and I'm seeing like 6480 ohm at that cold temp. The ECU value seems to match this. T1 wasn't much help with calibration info. All the Bosch stuff I've seen shows standard Cal's. I'm going to crawl under the car tonight and get a resistance check right at the sensor. Is this an oddball calibration? Do I have a bad sensor? Any help would be appreciated.
  10. That seems to be the main reason people put it after the rails. Really depends on if the 3/8 (I think) lines are a restriction. I'd like to be able to set custom blend ratios for boost maps and such. I don't want those maps to blend 0-100% but I want all the fuel calcs to
  11. Cobb recommends you install the sensor prior to the fuel rails for just this reason. Although I believe the clamp function would be worthwhile.
  12. Keep the forum updated when you do the T1 sensor in the tgv. I've been considering the same thing.
  13. That helps for now. The signal sheet in the service manual listed it as 12V but I didn't know if it was a command signal or status.
  14. I have a link Subaru PnP V10 for an 04 usdm STI. I'm trying to improve the fuel system by using a better fuel pump controller, or even going CAN bus. In researching this and some other potential changes I've not been able to find any documentation on what are connected to non-"signal" pins. Like 12v signals, sensor power, sensor ground, etc etc. Is there a complete listing on the PnP ECU's pins that could be shared? Currently i'm looking at what would be pin D28, which according to subaru should be some kind switched 12v it looks like.
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