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  1. Has anyone done any further work on DCCD control using a Thunder? What are the good SSRs and what should be avoided? Are there any basic setups we could plagiarise to get started with?
  2. Andy P

    Fuel Quality Sensor

    Sorted, in PC link info. Thankyou
  3. Andy P

    Fuel Quality Sensor

    brilliant thankyou looking at connecting the sensor, temp is sent on pule width, eth cont is sent on frequency, how does the ECU seperate the signals? and what type of ECU input does it need to feed into? cheese
  4. Andy P

    Fuel Quality Sensor

    I'm looking for a fuel quality sensor to feed into a Thunder The car will run on E85 from the pumps which I believe to have a variable ethanol content It can be mounted in the swirl pot, on the FPR or in one of the fuel lines, i'm not sure which would be best Does anybody know of a suitable sensor, if it can also output fuel temp in addition to the ethanol content then I would prefer to use that as long as both are sufficiently accurate
  5. I'm looking for a turbo speed sensor to feed into a Thunder The turbo is an IHI VF34 and does not have speed sensor provisions, physically I can drill and tap a hole to position the sensor to pick up on the compressor where it has 6 blades. It appear that this method of mounting rules out the Borg Warner sensor, now I am struggling to find an alternative, can anybody suggest a solution? I am unsure of the maximum speed that the compressor will be able to run at, it has a 34mm restrictor on the compressor inlet.
  6. From that I presume you mean the return path for the 5 Volt and 8 Volt supplied systems.
  7. Does this include 'Gnd Out' (D5 Thunder)? or is this treated differently and does it have a different purpose?
  8. Thanks Adam that is useful to know.
  9. Do I need to use a Digital Input from the starter solenoid signal to detect engine cranking or is there another method of doing this? e.g. engine revs below x rpm. If possible I would prefer not to use a digital input for this duty.
  10. Andy P

    LSU4 Wideband Lambda

    Thanks for that Clint What you are saying is verified on several other posts and has confirmed my decision to ditch the 4.2 in favour of a 4.9. Just a case of finding one at the best price now.
  11. Can I use a Bosch LSU4.2 Wideband Lambda sensor with a Thunder? Sensor PN is 0 258 006 065 If compatible with the Thunder, how is it connected? Is any other hardware required? Thanks for any help you may be able to give.
  12. Andy P

    Subaru DCCD

    Can either a Fury or a Thunder (wired in version) drive a Subaru DCCD? If so what information is available on doing this?
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