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  1. hello how is everyone i have a dodge ram VDO ethrottle laying around but my link ecu is monsoon so it does not support it my question is can i install it for only using it for cyclic idle and raising idle at cold start ? what i am thinking is to make it same as a cable throttle body but using the motor inside the throttle body to blip it open for cyclic idle and cold start
  2. hello how is everybody i want to ask a question about isopropyl alcohol i use 98 octane for drift 2jz engine and would like to use Isopropyl Alcohol because i dont have access to ethanol or methanol first question is Isopropyl Alcohol like ethanol if used 100% other than fuel it will eleminate detonation ? second question when mixing it with 98 fuel how much points it raise and what is the safest percentage to add my fuel system is all made for fuel not ethanol or methanol a friend of mine in another country mix 50/50 E100 and 98 octane which i want like him to mix 50/50 Isopropyl Alcohol and 98 octane third and last question my AFR is 11.0 from 5psi to 15psi WOT and should i aim for when Isopropyl Alcohol is added ? 10.5 is good ? thanks alot
  3. is there anyway to keep the injector open when i press gas pedal then remove it
  4. sure i have my car 650 horsepower for drift but i want some action for shows
  5. hello everyone how are you anyway to achive this flamethrowing on a 2jz map ? i have a 2jz gt30 turbo 560cc injectors this is a map if anyone can help thanks i mean like
  6. aboturky839

    2jz help fuel

    i did a log and no the dwell time is correct reading between 2.4-2.7 no more
  7. aboturky839

    2jz help fuel

    btw i am using 1nz coil pack for monsoon coil 3 and 4 are getting very hot for 3 days and now 3 and 4 got burned
  8. aboturky839

    2jz help fuel

    ok great i try this up and reply to you no my engine have vvt and the connector is broken so vvt disabled
  9. aboturky839

    2jz help fuel

    what about timing is it correct for starting ?
  10. aboturky839

    2jz help fuel

    hello how are you i have a new build 2jz with evo 9 fuel injectors 560cc and have a map that i want to use on wich have 720cc fuel injectors what adjustment do i need and is the map correct to start adjusting timing and fuel ? btw i added the DI2 switch so that i can turn on and off antilag and cyclic idle when i flip the switch cyclic idle works and antilag but when i turn it off antilag ignition cut still is enabled cefiro 2jz.pclr
  11. can you give me a base map to start with for tuning it
  12. hello everyone how are you i have RB25DET with stock fuel injectors, GT30 turbo, external wasgate 1 bar boost toyota yairs coil pack LSD rear diff on nissan cefiro manual trans i have been editing my map but when in first gear at 2000rpm i slam the throttle it will not spin the tire without me double clutching it this is map map and log can you see the problem thank you for your help mgp.pclr AEM.llg
  13. hello i am sorry but please read my thread again and tell me where is the problem
  14. another problem the car is so low on horsepower i tuned fuel and my afr is 11.3 wot but not touched the ignition yet and you feel the car as if someone is pulling you from the back on all gears it never drift WOT while building boost
  15. please someone help me and do me a favor to do a base map for my car that i can start with i will tell you the mods i have RB25DET engine with monsoon link G4+ ecu 1NZ coil pack conversion ignitor is removed and wired directly to ignition coil every 2 coil are wired together to the ecu as if the car is 4 cylinder every 2 fuel injectors wired together to the ecu as if the car is 4 cylinder stock turbo and fuel injectors MAF disabled now using MAP sensor VCT wired to AUX 6 10psi boost nnn.pclr
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