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  1. Here is the pin-out I used. Throttle body is off 2005 sti.. (note.. I had to switch pins aux9 and aux10 around since the plate was closing not opening.) Throttle body Main An Volt 3 Pin 6 on connector Pin 18 on the ECU main circuit Throttle body Sub An Volt 2 Pin 4 on connector Pin 29 on the ECU sub circuit Throttle body ECU +5V Pin 5 on connector Pin 16 on the ECU +5V Throttle body Sensor Ground Pin 3 on connector Throttle body Throttle Motor - Aux 9 Pin 1 on connector Pin 4 on the ECU Throttle body Throttle Motor + Aux 10 Pin 2 on connector Pin 5 on the ECU And here is the accelerator pedal. Same thing .. off 2005 sti. Accelerator Pedal Throttle pedal Sensor Ground Pin 6 on connector Throttle pedal Main Pin 5 on connector Pin C17 on ECU Throttle pedal Ground Pin 4 on connector Pin C34 on ECU Throttle pedal ECU +5V Pin 3 on connector Pin C15 on ECU Throttle pedal Sub Pin 2 on connector Pin C28 on ECU Throttle pedal ECU +5V Pin 1 on connector Orange denotes shielded cable that I used.
  2. Hi. I've changed the following and modifying the fuel map now works. Min Effective Pulse Width= 0.125 Master Fuel=10 Master Fuel Trim=0 Injector Timing = 400 Thanks for your help gents. Remski
  3. Thanks. Will try that and post back. Remski
  4. I've tried few Master Fuel setting.. went down to 4 ms as well. Had it at pretty much all even numbers between 4 and 24... With 24ms the mixture was too rich and the car would stall.. Now.. even with settings 8 and 4 modifying Fuel Main did noting. My afr is now at 11.2-11.6 at idle and I cant get it to go lower than that. Am I doing something wrong ? AFR is 11.2 i go to Fuel Main, right click on table, offset by %, -10 % , nothing happens, -10% again nothing happens all the way down to 0 in the whole table.. Also tried the quick tune with wideband connected and that did not do anything either.. Please advise.. Thanks Remski
  5. Hi. I've just put this map together.. copied the parameters off a base subaru map. Car starts and idles but I cant seem to be able to change the AFR. Any modifications on the fuel map do nothing. I can go as low as 0 and afr stay the same. Injectors are ID 1000. Once I shut off the car and want to start with low values in the map the car doesnt start .. i have to re-copy the table. Thanks Remski _Remi_v4.pclr
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