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  1. Oh, I wasnt aware that was how it functioned, its still sitting in its packaging haha! How many pressure sensor inputs does that XS loom have?
  2. Gotcha, Does LinkECU not sell the wiring? Any chance you could point me in the direction to what the wiring is called? Cheers
  3. ok, great! Does the Sensor come with any wiring if purchased via LinkECU? or is that something I will need to purchase separately? If so, any ideas where? Thanks again!
  4. Wiring is the same? Thanks for the info!
  5. I gotcha, Thanks for the clarification. What's the difference between the two sensors LinkECU sells?
  6. Thanks for the info, im assuming the sensor has to be parallel to to the flow of air so it can be tricky to line it up right?
  7. Hi all, I have a 1999 Nissan Silvia S15 (SR20det) and I will be installing a LinkECU G4+ plugin ECU in a couple of months. I'd like to run a IAT Sensor however im unsure which one would appropriate based on the options available on the LinkEcu website. http://dealers.linkecu.com/IAT1-8_2 Or... http://dealers.linkecu.com/IATB_2 Any ideas? As for wiring, could I use the MAF sensor wiring? alternatively what would be the best way to wire it all up to the ecu? I do have the XL loom (As im also running: oil temp, oil pressure fuel pressure). Dane
  8. Darn, I was thinking something like this? http://www.nzefi.com/product/oil-pressure-sensor-0-150-psi-2/
  9. Hey Guys, I have a 1999 Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R and I will be running an NS15+ Plugin ECU. Im considering these Sensors for my Fuel and Oil Pressure, will they work? I dont see why not but I thought I'd ask here first. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.trademe.co.nz%2Ftrade-me-motors%2Fcar-parts-accessories%2Fperformance%2Fgauges%2Fauction-1707160440.htm&h=AT3eGdJKD0uZLiYzPtH6HaW1mNSWp8vLT_9vz4nMJkCviy23UcgTko8K9zN5tRp8k8ZGDc8K5oDxSDZgQpXac1Q9k4tTavj-OD4GEQ85p75nohVlgx7qalSxm4YdCglLvKs Cheers! Dane
  10. Hey guys, Not sure if this has been covered, I've been searching and haven't found anything. I'd like to run a Windows or android tablet with my G4+ ECU in my 1999 Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R, to display the following information: Water Temp Oil Temp Oil Pressure LAMBDA AFM Is this possible? Cheers! Dane Also, if this is possible? how do I connect up the tablet? Is there a USB slot or something in the ECU?
  11. Cheers for the suggestions, They sure are expensive! So I think I've decided to run a Tablet with PC Link installed to display most of my important figures (Oil Temp, Oil Pressure, AFM, Water Temp). That way I dont have to buy a bunch of gauges, I'll just upgrade my stock Boost gauge because its ugly. Anyone had any luck installing a tablet? How would one connect it up to the G4+?
  12. I'm reviving a super old thread! I've decided to buy the Link CAM LAMBDA. My question now is, I'd like to get a gauge working for it, How does one set this up / where / what gauge can I purchase? Would I run the gauge to the G4+ Specifically? Cheers!
  13. How so? Better fuel mileage? power output? engine safety? i'm genuinely interested
  14. Very helpful, Thanks guys, I think you've almost won me over. For me however, I wont need to be tuning on the spot (Hopefully). I plan to take the car in and get it tuned and then not touch it, mainly because I dont know what im doing. Would I even profit from a wideband at this point? Provided the tune is good? Cheers
  15. Very helpful, cheers! I was planning on buying just a sensor (AEM or something), the CAN Lamba is a good 500 dollars, probably more considering I live in Canada now. Will the AEM wideband sensor work fine the with g4+? Cheers
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