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  1. Because the next time I connect to the ECU, the can settings are zero. I guess the installation didn't work then !?
  2. I can't start the engine now because the cylinder head is in the machining center. I'll try again later when I get the machine up and running
  3. I have the latest Firmware and software too.
  4. Is that brown wire important ?
  5. Hi! Now I have severed wires. Now my computer will stay connected to the ECU :). But i dont stay in ecu can lampda settings!?. I can do them on a computer and send them to the ECU, but when I contact the ECU later, the settings have uninstalled can lampda. What am I doing wrong !?
  6. Ok. I have two kinds of instructions. I try another . Thanks
  7. With candash cable 5wire. Do i need to power the can lampda outside the ecu?
  8. Hello This how i wiring my can lampda . Is that ok !? I think I've made connections correctly in accordance with the instructions. Can lampda was fully functional before I upgraded to ECU.
  9. Kimple Fi

    Can Lampda problem

    Hello everyone ! We load newest software and put ecu latest firmware. Connection ecu and laptop Works fine. When you assembly can-lambda, then connection lost. Have any same problem?
  10. Kimple Fi

    No contact ecu

    The problem is over. I don't know where the problem was, but now I'm getting in contact to ecu. I checked the programming cable and reinstalled it and now it works. Thanks Adam for the quick response
  11. Kimple Fi

    No contact ecu

    Hello everyone!. I have a problem getting in touch with my ECU. I uploaded new firmware inside the box and now I can get contact the box. What can be done !? Desperate
  12. How i wiring ethanol sensor to my plug in g4+ toyota altezza sxe 200 ? Thank you
  13. Kimple Fi

    Bigger injectors

    Ok , thank you !
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