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  1. Kimple Fi

    Bigger injectors

    Ok , thank you !
  2. Kimple Fi

    Bigger injectors

    Hi everyone. I am replacing the original injectors (340cc) larger injectors(1600cc) .. What do I need to change the settings?.
  3. Ok Thanks Simon ! Can I use "vehicle speed input" (DI 3) for example, because this is left unused in my assembly ? Kimmo
  4. Hi guys ! Which pin must connect to the Launc Control , Altezza plug in g4+ ? Sorry my English Kimmo
  5. Hi Adamw ! Thats help me . Thank you Kimple Fi
  6. Hi everyone ! . I have plug in altezza plug in G4+. I should know which wire connected to the "Start signal" pin ? (Digital input). Sorry my sadly English :(. received_10208079831497910.mp4
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