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  1. Markus

    G4 Fury on Rx7 FD3S

    Microsoft paint and lots of patience :-) I made the sugested changes . So i understand you correct that on the AEM coils i was right to use Sensor Ground ( As this was what AEM's diagram indicates ) My last question is with regards to the FAN relais . The Rx7 has 4 Fan relais from what i can gather i am unsure to which one i have to connect it . I want to use INj7 to switch on the fan do you have maybe any drawing of the Rx7 FD Fan wiring ?
  2. Markus

    G4 Fury on Rx7 FD3S

    So I put the wheel speeds via ABS sensors aside for now . I don't have a OMP or Aircon But i will have a RX8 DBW Throttle and Pedal as well as AEM Smart coils and dual fuel pumps . I made a mockup diagram and wanted to know if that looks correct ?
  3. Markus

    G4 Fury on Rx7 FD3S

    So i have received my G4 Fury which i will start to wire up this weekend into my RX7 FD3S Series 6 . I was planning to use the 4 ABS sensors as wheel speed sensors do do traction control via E-Throttle with a RX8 Pedal and RX8 Throttle body . So here are my questions : 1. Can i just splice into the ABS Sensors (as i plan to still use the ABS) ? 2. Can someone tell me the Link settings for the RX7 Series 6 ABS Sensors 3.Can i Run also a 5th speed input ( OEM gearbox sensor ) for general speed (this is the speed i want to ouput as vehicle speed on can for my dash )
  4. I have been able to sucsessful add extra parameters with new frames to the Generic LInk CAN protocol The Link protocol displays Lambda on the Generic CAN Protocol . I would like to add a additional source to display A/F ratio ( i prefer AF to Lambda) . But i am not sure which one is the correct Parameter .
  5. Markus

    CAN Pinout on PCB ?

    I am trying to figure out which Pins on the PCB CAN/RS232 are CAN high and CAN low but i could not find the info anywhere in the help files . Could someone point out CAN High and CAN Low for me on the connector
  6. I am trying to do the same for a friend of mine , is it possible to get more info on the CAN ID's and conversions for the MicroTech Automotive CAN Protocol Version 2.0 ?
  7. Thank you very much for the Awesome and fast Tech support :-) This was the exact info i needed Kind Regards Markus
  8. Thanks for clarifying that . That was a good explanation .My Device is a Raspberry pi with CAN BUS hat and a Touch screen which runs my own programmed software and is used as a Datalogger as well as a Graphical Dashboard . I have already implemented The Haltech V2 as well as the Adaptronic Protocol in my device , so i wanted to make a CAN configuration file for the Link to output the data in either the Haltech or Adaptronic Format as i already implemented those in the software . So just for a final clarification for my use case i would define my 6 channels one per ID and leave the Offset always on 0
  9. Hi I am new to the forum I would like to configure the CAN output format but i have still a few questions The output format i want to create is 11-BIT identifier + 8 Bytes payload All bits are 16 Bit Signed integer values in BIg Endian format I would like to define CAN ID's from 0x300 onwards to be output What i have so far is in the first tab "CAN Setup Mode": CAN Module :CAN1 Mode: User Defined Bit Rate 1 MBits/s Channel 1 Transmit User Stream1 CAN ID 300 Format :Normal This seems all still very clear to me (my assumption is that ID300 is just the Start adress right ?) Now when i define the frames : Lets say Frame 1 would be for ID300 Parameter Start Width Byte order Type Divider Multiplier Offset Parameter 1 0 16 MS First Signed 1 1 0 Parameter 2 16 16 MS First Signed 1 1 0 Parameter 3 32 16 MS First Signed 1 1 0 Parameter 4 48 16 MS First Signed 1 1 0 How would i make Frame two to be at ID 310 for instance , do i just change the offset ? Is my understanding correct that Offset is decimal ? so Decimal 16 = Hex 10 therefore offset 16 = ID310 ? ID 310 Parameter Start Width Byte order Type Divider Multiplier Offset Parameter 1 0 16 MS First Signed 1 1 16 Parameter 2 16 16 MS First Signed 1 1 16 Parameter 3 32 16 MS First Signed 1 1 16 Parameter 4 48 16 MS First Signed 1 1 16 Am i correct with this assumtion ?
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