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  1. Kazu

    BNR34CAS to BNR32

    Thank you for the appropriate answer. I will try it.
  2. Kazu

    BNR34CAS to BNR32

    What is changed internally by setting the dip switch of the GTR plug-in model for BNR34 or others? Please tell me specifically. I am using a translation machine, sorry.
  3. Me and My friends have not started the engine with the same phenomenon as Mr. edzilla. I would like to watch Q & A. I am using a translation, sorry
  4. Kazu

    BNR34CAS to BNR32

    If it does not damage try both. Thank you.
  5. Kazu

    BNR34CAS to BNR32

    We have already replaced the wiring inside the CAS connector for BNR 34 CAS and it is a vehicle that operated without problems with Vpro. Is it OK to set the DIP switch setting for the BNR 34 when the LINK plug-in is installed under the above conditions? I am using a translation, sorry
  6. Kazu

    BNR34CAS to BNR32

    Nice to meet you. For vehicles using BNR34CAS for BNR32, is it correct to set the dip switch to BNR34? I am using a translation, sorry
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