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    TimoL got a reaction from Davidv in E85 and cold corrections   
    I tried to adjust the injection timing as suggested but I made a table that has ECT as the Y-axis. When the engine is warm a timing of about 400 works best in the idle range. I have verified this by observing the AFR and transient response.
    But things seem to be very different when cold. When I dropped the injection timing by 90 deg I noticed a drop of lambda value from 0.86 to 0.77 and the transient response was improved. The PW was constant.
    I should try the ign cold advance as well. I pre viously had good results with my motorcycle (e85 too) wiith MS2.

    Here's what I think:
    When the engine is warm the fuel is injected on the hot intake valve (& port). This vaporizes the fuel just before the intake valve opens. But when the engine is cold, injecting to the closed valve does not help the vaporization, instead the fuel sticks to the valve & port walls. So the best way to get a biggest amount of fuel in to cylinder is to inject on the open intake valve. Smaller value means that fuel is injected later since its "BTDC", right ?
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