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  1. vteckz

    GM/CHEV 350 Base Map

    Bugger.. that complicates things. So our only option is the storm ecu? Thanks.
  2. Thanks - so this would be setup as Optical / Hall, priority on trigger 2 as cam? What should I set the cam pulse to? Unfortunately the Atom does not have a trigger scope.. which makes things a bit harder. Thanks
  3. vteckz

    GM/CHEV 350 Base Map

    Hi Guys, we have a stock GM350 crate motor in a marine application and we are fitting a Link Atom G4+. Does anyone know where I can find a base map for this engine to get us started? Also - we have a 4 wire solenoid IAC , is this supported on the atom g4+? Many thanks.
  4. Hi Guys, We have a G4+ Atom which we are wanting to install into our boat. It is a new GM 350 motor with standard GM TBI fuel injection. The current motor does not have a crank sensor however, the ECU only relies on the distributor unit for pickup, and a live +12V on cranking from the starter. Will we be able to set the trigger up with this? Or will we need to retrofit a crank angle sensor and run the wiring? THanks
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