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  1. Posting on behalf of a friend of mine. His current setup is a AUDM 2002 WRX STI running a Link G3 or 3+ ECU. This has been upgraded to run the G4 firmware recently. We are having issues wiring in the Antilag switches to a DI - for some reason the XS loom DI's are not registering when switched to 12V+ What I am hoping to do - and on my old vehicle (02 STI) I used to run the same setup, only with a Link G4+ - it was wired in by a workshop to use an OEM DI to switch the Antilag on/off - fairly sure to ground/0V. I know it is common to use the AC switch, but this car is street driven and retains AC. Has anyone got any suggestions about which input that can be utilized to switch Antilag? I was looking at possibly using the rear de-fog switch or even the cruise control set/resume switch to make this work?... A side note - the car is flex tuned and is running a Innovate MTX-D E85 gauge that outputs 0-5V Analogue signal through the AI on the XS loom for the ECU. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the clarification Adam! I removed the ECU from its housing when I got home tonight and it turns out I was mistaken. It is, in fact a G4+. Can this accept an analogue signal for flex fuel sensor?
  3. 100% a G4, I've had it for the last 2 years. it was originally installed in my 02 STI. Also had a look RE Flex fuel and the Zeitronix kit had 2 Analogue outputs for fuel % and temperature, so I will just grab one of those
  4. Hey guys, First time I'm attempting wiring inputs and switches into my ECU so i just have a few questions to ensure I'm on the right track.. I have a Link G4 and I've purchased the XS loom for some additional inputs. I have 2 switches - Antilag and Rotational Idle. From what I have read I can switch those to ground and into the 2 digital inputs I have on the XS loom - DI 7 & 8? Then just assign the input to each switch - Antilag arming etc then TP % and RPM to engage. I will also be running a Link MAP4 sensor - so can I just power this from the 5V out and ground on the XS loom then use one of the Analogue (AN Volt 6 for example) inputs for the 0-5V signal back from the MAP sensor? I also have an IAT sensor - on my previous STi this was tapped into the intercooler and was spliced into my oem MAF wiring - can I simply do the same on this one - sensor ground and MAF signal wire going back to the ECU? I am also considering running a flex fuel setup and was going to use a generic GM flex sensor which I believe are 12V? Use a switched 12V to power it, ground it on the XS sensor ground and then the output from the sensor needs to be wired into a Digital Input? Do I need to ditch one of my switches and free up a DI or is there a way to wire the flex fuel sensor into an analogue input? Many Thanks
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