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  1. Thanks for the clarification Adam! I removed the ECU from its housing when I got home tonight and it turns out I was mistaken. It is, in fact a G4+. Can this accept an analogue signal for flex fuel sensor?
  2. 100% a G4, I've had it for the last 2 years. it was originally installed in my 02 STI. Also had a look RE Flex fuel and the Zeitronix kit had 2 Analogue outputs for fuel % and temperature, so I will just grab one of those
  3. Hey guys, First time I'm attempting wiring inputs and switches into my ECU so i just have a few questions to ensure I'm on the right track.. I have a Link G4 and I've purchased the XS loom for some additional inputs. I have 2 switches - Antilag and Rotational Idle. From what I have read I can switch those to ground and into the 2 digital inputs I have on the XS loom - DI 7 & 8? Then just assign the input to each switch - Antilag arming etc then TP % and RPM to engage. I will also be running a Link MAP4 sensor - so can I just power this from the 5V out and ground on the XS loom then use one of the Analogue (AN Volt 6 for example) inputs for the 0-5V signal back from the MAP sensor? I also have an IAT sensor - on my previous STi this was tapped into the intercooler and was spliced into my oem MAF wiring - can I simply do the same on this one - sensor ground and MAF signal wire going back to the ECU? I am also considering running a flex fuel setup and was going to use a generic GM flex sensor which I believe are 12V? Use a switched 12V to power it, ground it on the XS sensor ground and then the output from the sensor needs to be wired into a Digital Input? Do I need to ditch one of my switches and free up a DI or is there a way to wire the flex fuel sensor into an analogue input? Many Thanks
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