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  1. Hi, i want to upgrade to G4+, You sure i can to coded for ibiza 6l? Thanks!
  2. i found this topic: it's same problem with g4+, i change in configuration to GOLF GTI and the abs was gone but the esp still light on.
  3. Hi i found the problem with throttle, it’s like i88 in my wiring. i have another issue, i think the MAP sensor pin nou same, I’m try to MAP calibration and i get error. elso what about esp/abs, v88 can be work? Because the light is on in the clock. My car is ibiza 6l bjx engine. Ecu: ME7.5 ( part number: 06a906032qn )
  4. Hi , i got v88 from my friend i install on my car and i get error 70. i think the configuration not good, i check the manual and the pin layout not same the map ( audi tt base map ) v88 can be replace the me 7.5? i need another map? thanks
  5. Hi, i my engine the VVT is like cam switcher, i read i need to set on aux output inj - aux 8 to Cam switcher, it's true?
  6. Hi i have v88tb in my car, how i can to activate the VVT map? elso someone have base map for VVT? thanks
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