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  1. Thanks for the help will give that a try
  2. What version of software do i need for a G4 storm blue one serial number 12768 have tryed to load a few but wouldn't connect says ecu too old.
  3. storm 4G+ blue one ive been trying to load up software with no luck just says ecu to old when i go to connect to ecu
  4. having trouble with 2011 Yamaha R1 motor on methanol, i think the map sensor maybe faulty has inbuilt one in ecu, while free reving when i go to jump on throttle seems to just fuel up and wont pick revs up. but if i unplug vac hose to ecu it free revs nice and idles better, but when load on motor ie driving still just fuels up and wont rev over 8000rpm, vac hose seems good no leaks and not blocked any ideas brought car all set up i have tryed to load up software but always says ecu too old even when i load the oldest software for 4g on link site any ideas on how to test it manually
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