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  1. I am just learning on how all the CAN stuff works so im not real clear on how all of this works yet. but is there any plans to add more ID's with how popular CAN devices are and probably just more so in the future. or would that have to be a hardware change?
  2. At the moment i don't have plans for any other CAN devices but if i do use these gauges i would like to use 2-3 of them. As far as what data, I would probably put like A/F ratio, MAP, oil press/temp, maybe coolant temp, and ethanol content. Thanks for the reply
  3. Ok thanks ill take another look at it. I knew the x-series worked for sending to the ECU but i wasn't sure about the other way around with this gauge getting info over CAN. Im glad this work cause this gauge is a good bit cheaper than a Gaugeart CAN gauge and looks better to boot!
  4. Has anyone had a go at making this work with a G4+ ecu? X-SERIES AEMNET CAN BUS GAUGE
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