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  1. Hi Adam,no I was not getting rpm signal whilst cranking.I swapped trigger wires and left, the trigger settings as described prevously.Engine fired a few times and ran for a short time,not long enough to check with timing light.The engine sounds either retarded or advanced in ignition timing whilst it is trying to start.should I start trying to alter the timing figures in the calibration section,to see if I get a better start so I can then check timing with timing light and set timing figures.cheers
  2. Hi,I have wired a g4 plus atom to a Nissan 260z.it is running a Nissan 280zx intercooler turbo engine L28e 6 cylinder,using the distributor from the same vehicle which has CAS in distributor.I have replaced the disc with a 24/1 disc.I have configured triggers as...trigger mode multi tooth/trigger priority set to trig 1/rpm filtering 1 default. Trigger 1 optical/hall.filtering level 1.trigger pull up on.trigger edge falling.multi tooth pos =cam.tooth count 24.Trigger 2 optical/ hall.filtering level1.pull up on.edge falling.sync mode to cam pulse 1x but I am unable to set base timing as I have no spark.On cranking i do get trig 1 and trig 2 boxes going green.Do you have any suggestions what to check next.thanks
  3. mikemac44

    Trigger issues

    Hi Simon,no all wheel slots are the same.When i rotated it,i see the factory system doesn,t use a master slot.(so Atom is not reading a tdc signal?)I attach a picture of an aftermarket wheel made for Mega Squirt systems,for the 280zx turbo cas,should i change to this?and if so,would I still use the Nissan opto 360 set up?or which other set up procedure listed would you suggest?Thanks for your time,cheers
  4. mikemac44

    Trigger issues

    hope these are clear enough.cheers
  5. mikemac44

    Trigger issues

    Hi.im trying to connect an atom g4+ to a 260z Nissan running a 1982 Nissan 280zx turbo intercooler engine set up.car was running before wiring in atom.I selected Nissan 360 opto set up.when I do a trigger check in the run values I don't get a yes or green box for trigger one and hence no rpm or spark.i have tried swapping trigger 1 and trigger 2 around but still don't get trigger 1.I do get trigger 2.the cas is in dizzy.wiring on dizzy is white for crank to trigger 1.green to trigger 2.black to ground.red to 12 volts supplied from fuel pump relay circuit.i have checked continuity and all are connected correctly.i feel there is something I'm not turning on in parameter tables.but not able to find.any suggestions? Second question is on injector grouping.i am running the 6 injectors grouped in twos to 3 injector outputs as previously read for the atoms 4 outputs.but how do I add that to ecu when it only shows me 4 outputs for injector firing order?cheers
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