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  1. Hi Adam at the moment , spark edge is set to falling and all seems to work as intended. But I want to be 100% sure It is a 6AL or 6A sorry for my delayed reply
  2. MSD igntion boxes, which ones need Spark Edge falling / rising ? TIA
  3. Hello I am getting random engine speed spikes. The trigger wheel is the Link 24 teeth and the sensor is also from link. I have taken all precautions when wiring to have a reasonable distance between the high tension ignition wires and the ECU loom. I have attached the log. Can you help ? ATOM2 MSD CDI ignition Lotus Cortina, Distributor synch Atom-DBA-Lotus-Cortina-Random-RPM-Spikes.llg
  4. Stevie It is a 4 cyl Cosworth engine in a 70's Formula2 car. Thank all of you for your comments.
  5. The TWL_2 is too wide in diameter. I will have to go with the 24 tooth wheel. Do you advise to remove one tooth to get a 24-1 or run with the full 24 teeth and why (I assume) the 24-1 is better than full 24? Great support here. Thank you indeed!
  6. Hello Adam Thank you for your comprehensive answer. It just ocurred to me that LINK also sells the disks and a reluctor sensor. Do I assume correctly that the sensor shown at http://dealers.linkecu.com/CAS_3 will work fine with the trigger wheel here: http://dealers.linkecu.com/TWL_2 ? Best regards
  7. Hello I need to fabricate / install a custom trigger disk on a inline 4 engine, naturally aspirated. The ECU is a Atom II. What trigger pattern gives best resolution and is easiest for the ECU to work with. Numbers of teeth and missing ones? Sync will be used from the existing ignition distributor. Is it better to use a Hall sensor or a inductive reluctor type sensor ? Thank you for your advice
  8. Hello I am facing the problem that Lambda is going considerably rich over time (15 min) in idle despite IAT actually going colder. Injector pulsewidth remains the same and so does load, the cursor remains in the same cell. Do you have an idea how to tackle this? Thank you in advance Dom
  9. Hello I have logged internally two cars and both logs show the load crosshair on the fuel table at zero kpa throughout the entire log. The value in the log graph shows the actual values. See screenshot below. What both files have in common is that the log is rather long, 70 minutes and 50 minutes.
  10. Hey guys ..!!! Thank you so much for the AWESOME support. You ROCK :-) Best regards Dom
  11. Hello I want to protect the engine in a low Oil Pressure situation. The signal from the oil pressure sensor (hall) is AN Volt 1 Could you please elaborate how I would configure a 100% ignition cut if the AN Volt 1 value is less than a certain threshold (ie. 0.7 volt) ? At the same time triggering a bright warning LED / light would also be needed. Thank you for your support
  12. Hi Adam, Yes, if I have heater current I can determine the approximate temperature. Can G4+ display the heater current form the O2 CAN module ?
  13. Hello Is it possible to display the exhaust gas temperature by the means of oxygen sensor heater current (Link CAN O2) in G4+ ? OEM ecu's nowadays often provide this function. Please advise, thank you.
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