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  1. I have been told to check out HP academy, i guess I will have to see what they are about. Were you even able to get a good tune under boost?
  2. Not sure if this is the correct place, but I was wondering if there is a company or person here that you can send your data logs to for a tune? Given my current situation and where I live, driving to a tuner is not feasible. An actual dyno tune will come once I can get the car running and other logistics figured out.
  3. Would I be okay with using the my old rb25 CAS? Do you mind going more in detail about the timing issue? Are you basically saying that when tuning the NEO timing on it is different from non neos?
  4. Sounds good. I was never able to get my last RB25 tuned with the LINK because while I was waiting for the ECU it started getting real bad blowby. Thank you! I just wanted to make sure that my logic was correct. I am going to be road tuning this with the help of my friend so this is going to be a great learning experience.
  5. So, a little bit of a back story, I had a S1 RB25 and then it's ringlands blew. Everything for my swap is made for a RB25 S1, I just recently swapped in a RB25 NEO and now I am getting ready to fire her up. With that being said I should not have any problem running my Link ECU on my RB25 just as long as I load a RB25 NEO base map, correct? All the wiring to my new motor is connected the same way and the only thing that is changed is the motor itself. I am using my old wiring harness so my Link ECU is going to plug in just fine. Any questions, comments and of the like are welcome! Thank you in advance!
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