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  1. Slight change of plans and wanting to hear if my thinking is faulty. My idea is now to just get the car running (ignition only) on the Atom without the TPS on the Webers - pretty much just mimicking the old distributor advance curve. Why the backward step? I'm going to fast-track the injection and don't want to spend time and money setting up the Webers if that same time and money can be spent on setting up the Jenveys that have found their way into my possession. I'm assuming here that the throttle position ignition mapping for the Webers would need to be totally reworked for the throttle bodies, meaning that anything spent would be lost? I don't want to do everything at once because of the cost - I need to spread it all out over a few months, especially as there are still parts to collect. I also don't want to wait too long - the car has an ignition problem that means it's barely usable and I don't want to spend any money on the old distributor. This way, I hope the car becomes usable quickly and more easily upgraded to injection. before Christmas.
  2. That's brilliant, thanks! I had tried that but wasn't pulling hard enough - I have a history of being too rough and breaking stuff and wanted to avoid it this time. Thanks for taking the time to post the video.
  3. I'm looking to remove some of the wires from my Link loom, some permanently and some to be replaced later as I add functionality. Can someone point me towards the correct tool for removing the individual connectors from the plug body? There are so many different types, it's hard to know which is the right one to get. Cheers.
  4. I'm in Auckland. I'll take your advice on the wiring. Good to hear it's easy to remove and replace wires. With the fuel pump and fan etc. I'll have them running through relays wired 'hot' but 'switched' from the ECU to keep load minimal. I assume I'll be able to get the car safely drivable to a tuner by simply replicating the current distributor advance curve etc? I'm looking forward to getting stuck in. Just got to let the bank account recover a wee bit....
  5. Have been getting cold feet as it's all very new to me and a lot of 'tuners' have no interest in the older cars.The guys who work on older cars have no knowledge/interest in the electronic stuff so I feel a bit stuck in the middle. I almost resorted to buying a Megajolt/EDIS setup as I have a friend whose map I could use and installation is very easy. Luckily I came to senses just before finalising the purchase. I decided the best way was to just close my eyes and jump in so I ordered my Atom & loom etc 10 minutes ago! Anyway, to my question. I'm only doing ignition right now but want to keep my injection options open. I've ordered a 2.5m loom and my thought was to terminate the unused wires after (say) 500mm into Deutsch DT connectors. I'll keep the rest of the wire so I can match the colours when adding the injectors etc later to the other side of the connectors. Does that sound okay or am I better to strip the loom and add unbroken cable as and when needed?
  6. Many thanks for the quick and positive replies. I've decided on the Atom and will chip away at getting all the hardware over the next couple of months as money allows. I've (just now) ordered the Lotus-specific bottom pulley/trigger wheel & bracket from QED as well as the sensor and Weber TPS. After all the wear and tear I've put on the NZ EFI website doing research etc, I'll make sure to order the Atom, loom and coil from them, likely a couple of paydays from now. Being a newbie to all of this, what are the basic inputs I need other than the crank and throttle positions? I assume at least coolant temp? Grateful for any advice. Cheers.
  7. Hi, silly question but I'll ask it anyway..... I've been looking at ignition only ECUs for an old Lotus Twin Cam, the Omex 200 and (briefly) the Nodiz. Better to pay a bit more for better quality, local support and future options around injection though so my thoughts are crystallising on the Atom. My question is: is the Atom happy to just run ignition? I can't see why it wouldn't be but it's best to ask. Thanks for your help.
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