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  1. KcJones

    Speed lockout issues? Idle jump.

    Cj. You are awesome. thank you for the help. I still have some testing to do and a little cleaning but I managed to get the idle to start returning to its target by doing exactly as you said. I adjusted my e throttle numbers in the 0% ap row to zero above 1500 rpm and lowered the remaining lower columns to 1%. I also lowered all my base position by 1% across the board. sooo much better but I think I need to jockey those numbers around a little by possibly raising the e throttle a little and lowering the base. I also adjusted the rpm lockout to 150 from 400 which if im understanding should help it get back to closed loop idle.
  2. KcJones

    Speed lockout issues? Idle jump.

    Thanks for the reply cj. I didnt have a whole lot of time today but did manage to make some changes that are smoothing my idle out and reducing the "hunting" issue. But the idle still shoots way up and then surges after the car has started moving forward. It now only shoots up to around 1700 to 1800 rpm and oscillates up and down. I believe I have some research to do.
  3. KcJones

    Speed lockout issues? Idle jump.

    Thanks for the reply! here is my map and also a quick log. Drove about a quarter mile with a few starts and stops. Thank You very much. idleissue.llg 350zTune.pclr
  4. KcJones

    Speed lockout issues? Idle jump.

    Also I can get logs if need be. Its using closed loop e throttle.
  5. KcJones

    Speed lockout issues? Idle jump.

    Hello. I have a 350z with the link g4 plug and play. Having and issue where after accelerating from a stand still and coming off throttle the idle doesnt drop below 2700 to 2800 rpm. Using closed loop e-throttle. Just looking for some insight before heading back to the tuner