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  1. I wish this was the only problem. Looks like I damaged my b loom plug, can't get it to seat correctly and the white tabs are stuck hard in the up position.
  2. While removing the supercharger and manifold from my Ariel Atom 2, I pinched the CAN 1 cable which caused my Banks iDash gauge to read gibberish. I decided to do away with the cable and just run the green and white wires from loom B on my Link Fury ECU to the iDash. My questions are now that I have elected to use CAN2 for my datastream from the Link, can I plug in my Link USB Cable that allows me to tune without having communication issues on either one of the two systems, i.e. the iDash and the PC? Next, is there any change in the ECU via the tuning software that I will need to do to have data transmitted on the CAN2 channel?
  3. Ok, got the gauge wired up using the Link cable. However I don't know which CAN port to use, 1 or 2.
  4. So, there is 120 ohms between CAN HI and CAN Lo, correct? If so, the directions on the IDash say it will work. Quote: (The iDash 1.8’s CAN bus is not terminated. If your ECU is already terminated (measures 120 ohms between CAN HI and CAN Lo) you can just wire in the iDash 1.8. If there is no resistance between CAN HI and CAN Lo you will need add in a 120 ohm resistor.)
  5. I have a Bank Engineering Dash 2 1/16 gauge that I'm using the Link cable (I purchased it and already wired it so using the Link harness pins is not an option) to read info from my Link Fury real time (IAT, fuel pressure, LAMBDA, Oil Temp etc...). I found that the gauge requires the ECU to be terminated (measuring 120 ohms between CAN HI and CAN Lo) so it can just be wired in. They are making a plug and play termination cable for this but unfortunately it is not yet available since this is a beta kit for aftermarket ECU's. So, do I need to wire in a resistor (I'm not sure how to do this or where to get the resistor if necessary) or can I wire it in?
  6. LOL, had I known that, I would have never purchased CANDash plug. Can the CANDash wire be used since I already purchased it?
  7. Which wires are those exactly? I posted a thread to find out which wires I need to attach to the Idash gauge. Idash notes the green wire is CAN lo and the white wire is CAN hi.
  8. Lol, I found it; Seem that if you have the Link USB cable plug in for tuning your can't plug in the CANBUS cable. Thanks for the assist though
  9. Hello all, This is my first post to the forum. I purchased a G4+ Fury for my 2007 Ariel Atom (2.0 LSJ supercharged) and have just about got it all wired in (no patch harness available for this application) when I came upon a Bank Engineering 2 1/16 gauge called Dash 1.8 which uses CANBUS com for displaying/toggling through different screens of data outputted by the ECU. The connection wires for the gauge include a hot, ground, CAN lo (green wire) and CAN hi (white wire). On the Link output CAN wire, which wires are used? Oh, here's a pic of my Atom (AKA Captain Proton) for inspiration, lol.
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